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Alicia Zamparelli the Pokey in Beach Volleyball

The perfect pokey and how it is done is shown by Alicia in this video series. Every player must have this move in their arsenal.

1. What the pokey is and a drill to get started
2. How to use the pokey on defense
3. Quickly adjust when the ball is hit easy and the hands are already up high

Volleyball Drills for Setters: Double Setter Attack

This Volleyball Drill for your Setters focuses on footwork, hitter cohesion, in-transition plays and defense. Setters should use this drill to focus on their footwork and how to effectively run their offense. Use this drill with all of our other drills located here! Skill Level: This Volleyball Setter Drill can be used for beginner to intermediate skill level

Andor Gyulai Blogging for the AVCA and Sharing Volleyball Tips and Secrets

I am excited to anounce I will be helping the AVCA, the largest volleyball coaching association in the world with instructional volleyball videos, volleyball drills and volleyball information
My goal is too add one new blog each week, with valuable content including an instructional video where possible! Below is this weeks video and blog!

Volleyball Drills for Setters: Three Player Back Setting Drill

This Volleyball Drill is for Setters to increase front and back setting skills while improving footwork. Setters are to focus on making their backset look like a front set. For more Setting drills, check out USC Head Coach Bill Ferguson’s drills here.

Skill Level: This Volleyball Drill is used for Intermediate to Advanced skill level.

Volleyball Drills for Setters: One on One Setting

This Volleyball Drill is for Setters to improve ball control and communication. This drill helps a lot with setters who need help with their accuracy and strength. Also a great drill for beginning setters to improve vision meaning – keeping the head up and looking at an area where the body is not used too.

Skill Level: This Volleyball Drill is used for beginner to advanced skill level.

# Players: This drill is designed for 2-6 players.

Volleyball Drills for Setters: Dig, Set, Spike

his Volleyball Drill is for Setters and Hitters to work on running plays off of an in-system pass. Each Setter will gain court awareness during this fast-paced drill. Each rep will make them a better player along with making their teammates better at passing and hitting.

Skill Level: This Volleyball Drill is used for beginner to intermediate skill level.

Volleyball Drills for Defense: Coach on Box

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for Defensive Specialists to get a concentrated amount of digging reps. Each player learns how to read the hitter and be aggressive while having a defense goal to complete!
Skill Level: This drill is used for beginner to intermediate skill levels.
Increase the amount of digs a player must get before exiting the drill.

Volleyball Drills for Defense: Play Deep

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for defensive players and teaching them to stay in zone 6 during a play. Athletes should focus on staying disciplined and reacting quickly. Defensive players have the ability to see the play develop while using other techniques learned on this site! Logan Toms videos on playing defense in this position are some of the best

How to Block a Volleyball, Indoor Techniques

Hi, I’m Mike Diehl, fifteen year indoor volleyball pro including three time league MVP, league kill leader and league ace leader. Also Bud 4-man beach tour MVP, kill leader and NCAA Champion at UCLA. Today I am going to share the secrets on how to block a volleyball in the outside positions of two and four.


*1897 ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC LEAGUE HANDBOOK – VOLLEY BALL / Mintonette* During the winter of 1895-96, Mr. W.G. Morgan of Holyoke, Mass., developed a game in his gymnasium which he called Volley Ball. It was presented to the succeeding Physical Directors’ Conference and the general impression seemed to be that it would fill a place not…

USC Volleyball Facilities and Tour with Bill Ferguson

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for defensive players and teaching them to stay in zone 6 during a play. The USC Men’s Volleyball Program some of the best facilities of any program in the country. In this all access pass we are going to take you inside USC Men’s Locker Room and show you arguably the best Men’s Volleyball Facilities in the country.

Volleyball Drills for Outside Hitters: Running to Transition

This volleyball drill is for Outside Hitters’ quickness and timing. It helps the hitters become smarter players on the court, move better on defense and are all round better in transition spiking.

Skill Level: This volleyball drill can be used for beginner to advanced skill level.

# Players: This drill is designed for 1-3 players. A variation of the drill can include blockers.

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Beach Volleyball Player Ever (Male)

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Volleyball Player Ever. If you had to ask any volleyball fan who is the greatest male player to ever play the game most would say Karch Kiraly. I would argue that he was the best indoor and outdoor player to play the game but Kent Steffes was the greatest player to play beach Volleyball period.

Dynamic Warm-up & Workout Volleyball Drills 2

Below are the second 10 Dynamic Warm Up & Workout Volleyball Drills.
10 Drills Include:
• High Knees
• Lateral High Knees
• Reverse High Knees
• One Legged High Knees
• Butt Kicks
• Lateral Butt Kicks
• Reverse Butt Kicks
• Grape Vine
• High Step Grape Vine
• Tap Ockie
To see all 10 drills below be sure to log-in or sign up for your own volleyball1on1 membership.

Team USA’s in the Olympics! But how did they get there?

Team USA’s in the Olympics! But how did they get there?

Like many of you, I’m planning on kicking back on the couch tonight and watching the Olympic opening ceremonies from London. While at 7:30 P.M. Pacific Time, NBC’s cameras will undoubtedly be fixed on Lebron James, Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin, I’ll be searching instead for Jake Gibb, Donald Suxho, April Ross, Kerri Walsh, Reid Priddy.

Shin Holds

Shin Holds – This is a great dynamic volleyball warmup drill that will stretch your muscles and get you ready for your workout or practice.
A dynamic warm-up for Volleyball is one that challenges every part of your body that you use while playing the game. A dynamic warm-up coordinates all of your moving parts—muscles, ligaments.

Vol-B-Que Volleyball Event – May 12th

Date: May 12th Location: Walter Pyramid at Long Beach State University Time: All day! Tickets: Buy Here! When the United States Men’s Volleyball National Team rolls up to the Walter Pyramid at Long Beach State University for the NORCECA Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament, they might take a second look at their calendars. That’s because a…