Fruit Cove / Plantation Location Of St. John's Volleyball Club

St. Johns Volleyball Club is designed for youth girls and boys volleyball players from 3rd to 8th grade plus a limited 9th – 12th grade schedule. This volleyball club program offers best in class coaching and an excellent, low cost introduction to volleyball while helping advance current volleyball youth players significantly in their skill set. Attendees will be well prepared to make their Middle School or High School team while also developing a life-long love of volleyball.

St. Johns Volleyball Club
(Fruit Cove – Julington Creek Plantation Fields Location) is located on the Multipurpose field behind or South Of Fruit Cove Middle School. The address is 3180 Racetrack, ST. Johns FL, 32259. The location offers easy free parking in front of our grass volleyball courts and for parents with other younger kids the location also has a great playground and beautiful walking paths. Located near Plantation Plaza, parents can run out for a quick bite to eat, run errands, or do some grocery shopping during class. For parents who want to get some sun, come enjoy a scenic outdoor trail or bring a chair to come watch and learn in beautiful St. Johns County.

Fruit Cove / Plantation Youth Volleyball
St Johns Volleyball at Fruit Cove – Julington Creek Plantation Location

Class Schedule For Fruit Cove – Julington Creek Plantation Field Location Of St. Johns Volleyball Club:
Monthly Class Sign-Up Options From Jan 18th, 2023 – June 1st, 2023
Class Options: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday
Billed Monthly

* New Players Can Easily Enter Mid-Season Or Mid-Month, if needed. Call Andor Gyulai at 310-435-5840 With Questions.
** We Offer Acceleration Options For Those Who Feel Their Child Needs Extra Support Entering Mid-Season.

Youth Programs: 3rd - 8th Grade (Boys & Girls)

Fruit Cove
4th - 6th Grade
Volleyball Introduction

Once weekly, this class allows players to try it and see if the like it. Designed to give a basic intro to volleyball including basic skill development.

Once Weekly
Monday or Wednesday
3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

1 Hour Volleyball Class
Once Weekly
Billed Monthly

Total Cost $ 80 / Month
$20 / Hour

$20 / Class

Bronze Class

Fruit Cove
Bronze Class:
4th - 8th Grade
Group 1
- Beginners

Twice weekly for 1 hour, this class is designed to give a basic intro to volleyball including basic skill development.

Twice Weekly
Monday and Wednesday
3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
(Limited Class Space Availability For Players – First Come, First Serve)

1 Hour Volleyball Class
Twice Weekly
Billed Monthly

Total Cost $ 160 / Month
$20 / Hour

$20 / Class

Fruit Cove
Silver Class
4th - 8th Grade
Building Skills
"I Love It"
Can Play

Designed to build more advanced volleyball skills, with much more game play. Includes more advanced learning. Players will be well prepared to make their middle school teams and develop a lifelong love of the game of volleyball.

Twice Weekly
Monday and Wednesday
3:45 pm – 5:30 pm
(Limited Class Space Availability For Players – First Come, First Serve)

1 Hour 45 Minute Volleyball Class
Twice Weekly
Billed Monthly

Total Cost $ 250 / Month
Less $16 / Hour
$32 – 2 Hour Class

Fruit Cove
Gold Upgrade
4th - 8th Grade
Building Skills
And Strength
"I Really Love It"
Plays Seriously

Designed to build more advanced volleyball skills, with much more game play. Includes more advanced learning. Players will be well prepared to make their middle school teams and develop a lifelong love of the game of volleyball.

Sunday – 2 hours
Indoor Training
St. Augustine
Ketterlinus Gym
* Must Belong To Silver

2 Hour Volleyball Class Twice Weekly And
2 Hour Grass or Indoor Training
(Limited Class Space )

Total Cost $ 100 / Month
Billed Monthly
Best Value
Less $16 / Hour
$32 – 2 Hour Class

Gold is designed for players who want to play volleyball more seriously and make the Middle School and High School team or even play in college. This program offers a best in class, more well-rounded approach than a traditional indoor club with the bonus of a lower cost. The program is designed not only to teach volleyball skills, but also to help educate and develop kids athletically. This means learning good “Volleyball Movement Patterns,” building strength, learning good jump mechanics, injury prevention and more. With our location conveniently located at the Fruit Cove Middle School Fields in Fruit Cove, Florida, this means more time is spent playing and training for volleyball versus driving to volleyball.

“We designed Gold around my daughter Veda (11), who will participate alongside your children. I believe this program best prepares a middle school aged child (4th – 8th grade) to play volleyball seriously one day in college or professionally. Importantly, this program we believe will not create early burn-out and will help educate and develop your child physically, which we believe is critical for long-term success.” – Andor Gyulai (Owner Volleyball1on1 / St. Johns Volleyball Club)

* We have added indoor gym space on Sundays in St. Augustine at Ketterlinus Gym. Practices will run 3 times a month. Dates:
February 5, 19, 26
March 5, 19, 26
April 2, 16, 23, 30
May 7, 14, 21.

U10, U11, and U12 – From 2 – 4 PM.
U13 – From 4 – 6 PM.

* Parents can park at the gym, watch practice or we encourage you to plan a date, and explore marvelous downtown St. Augustine during the 2-hour practice.
** Fees does not include tournament access. This fee is the cost for three, 2-hour, indoor trainings a month in February, March, April and May. Players will be required to pay an additional fee for the two tournaments to cover the cost of tournament entrance fees and coaching.

* For our detailed rain policy and other information, please see below.


Volleyball1on1 and St. Johns Volleyball Club will look to host monthly tournaments on the Nocatee Fields come Spring 2023. Tournaments will tend to last only 3 hours with intensive playing without all the sitting around of a traditional all-day event volleyball tournament. This means as parents you can get back to doing what you love vs. driving kids and waiting around for sports. In our opinion, there will be plenty of time for this when they get older. Our motto, “don’t force it when it is unproductive”. YES, all day tournaments at this age level we believe are most often UNPRODUCTIVE!

Tournaments will be two person grass tournaments so highly productive and playing intensive. Prizes and recognition will be given at tournaments. However, we do not believe in participation trophies. Following the lead of some of the most successful sports programs / countries in the world (Like Norway – Learn More!), we believe in limiting large tournaments (No Travel Tournaments) until the age of 13. Why Norway? Norway produces the most competitive athletes in the world, on a per-capita basis.

“No national championships before age 13. No regional championships before age 11, or even publication of game scores or rankings. Competition is promoted but not at the expense of development and the Norwegian vision: “Joy of Sport for All.”  – New York Times, Norway Youth Sports Model.

Gold Sign-ups will also have the opportunity to participate in a limited number of indoor tournaments in May and June. These will be organized 6-person teams.

High School Class Schedule:
Winter – Wednesdays Only – January 18th, 2022 to March 8th, 2023
Spring – Monday and Wednesday – March 13th to May 31, 2023

* Please Note, Class Will Change To Twice Weekly On Tuesdays and Thursdays After The March 12th Time Change.

* New Players Can Enter Mid-Season Or Mid-Month. Call Andor Gyulai at 310-435-5840 With Questions
** We Are Currently Organizing Indoor Facilities To Add Trainings To This Schedule.

High School Program 9th - 12th Grade
(Boys & Girls)

Fruit Cove
Winter Class:

Designed to build, or teach basic volleyball skills and build a lifelong love of the game.
Great for new players, or players looking to make their high school team next year. This is a great alternative to traditional club.

Once A Week
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
(Space Availability Is Limited For Players – First Come, First Serve)

1.5 Hour Volleyball Class
Once Weekly

2 Payments
About 100
/ Month
Less $16 / Hour
$25 – 1.5 Hour Class

Fruit Cove
Spring Class:

Designed to build, or teach basic volleyball skills and build a lifelong love of the game.
Great for new players, or players looking to make their high school team next year. This is a great alternative to traditional club.

Twice A Week
Monday 4:30 – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
(Space Availability Is Limited For Players – First Come, First Serve)

1.5 Hour Volleyball Class
Once Weekly

About $200 / Month
Less $16 / Hour
$25 – 1.5 Hour Class

This program is designed for players who started the game later and are looking to acquire a great foundation in volleyball coaching. For very serious players we do offer a training group however players need to try-out and qualify for this group.

For high school boys looking to make the high school team Andor Gyulai and the St. Johns Club coaching staff will rigorously train your son and get them ready to make the team.

As for high school girls looking to make the high school team, this can often be more difficult for players starting late due to the increased level of competition in girls volleyball. Most of the girls on the high school team have played club volleyball for a long time before entering the high school. If you a parent looking for help to understand what it will take to make the high school team we would suggest coming to class and then setting up a call to review further with Andor.

St. Johns Volleyball Club - At The Fruit Cove / Plantation Fields In Fruit Cove, Florida Exclusive Benefits:

Why Grass Volleyball
vs. Indoor Volleyball

It’s Bigger Than Volleyball ®

Skill Development
- Learn From The Best!

VPT– Volleyball Pattern Training ®

Andor Gyulai
World Class Coaching

Leading Innovator

Why Grass Volleyball vs. Indoor Volleyball – Whether your kids are athletes or not, they likely love playing in the park on the grass with their friends. St. Johns Volleyball Club leverages and builds on this outdoor love to help your kids develop as athletes and develop a lifelong love of sports and volleyball. We like to say: “Keep Playing!” Our belief is the opportunity to experience volleyball outdoors, under the sun, with your friends, is one of the best experiences we can offer as a coach or parent to “Keep Playing!”

Grass Volleyball at Nocatee Park Fields offers many other benefits. Grass volleyball tends to only have 2, 3 or 4 players on each team. Our goal is only 2 players per team. Compare this to most indoor practice / teams with 6 players per side (7 with the Libero), this means your child touches the ball many more times with grass volleyball. More touches on the ball means more skill development. In addition, this is purposeful skill development in all the skills which most college coaches would tell you is preferred. More touches most importantly also equal more fun and more “PLAY!”

Grass volleyball also helps us to keep the class cost down which we can pass onto you by not having to pay gym fees, plus the ability to expand our number of courts as needed practice to practice. This provides an extremely high-quality youth volleyball class for the best value for your dollar in youth volleyball coaching. For beginning volleyball players, volleyball at the Nocatee Park fields is a great way to introduce your kids to the awesome life-long sport of volleyball versus investing thousands of dollars to learn indoor volleyball at a club.

It’s Bigger Than Volleyball ® – At Volleyball1on1 we deeply believe volleyball and sports are a vehicle for teaching important life lessons for success in life. We believe most coaches and parents are “like minded” in this pursuit of helping their children develop life and career skills through sports.

Co-founders of Volleyball1on1 Andor Gyulai and Vanessa Summers-Gyulai are deeply passionate about impacting the lives of youth in powerfully positive ways through their Franchise Like, Superior Coaching Systems ®, which include “It’s Bigger Than Volleyball” ®. Andor and Vanessa help Middle School, High School Varsity Head Coaches and their staff launch and manage their youth coaching systems to develop volleyball players in their program to be:

“Excellent goal-setting, communicative, self-directed, critical thinking, lifelong learners who thrive in competition and under pressure, who know how to work as individuals and / or with a team as a member
or a leader while being fair and considering others.”

These same Franchise-Like, Superior Coaching Systems ® will be applied at St. Johns Volleyball Club and discussed often with you through our ongoing parent meetings of youth players who attend Nocatee Park field location classes so parents can reinforce these systems at home.

Skill Development – Andor Gyulai, St. Johns Volleyball lead instructor is one of the top skill development coaches in the world. Beyond having many of the most popular videos in the world on YouTube in this area, Andor has been invited to present as the keynote speaker at the Florida Volleyball Coaches Association, Ohio Volleyball Coaches Association, Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association, New Mexico Volleyball Coaches Association, Missouri Volleyball Coaches Association, and The South Dakota Volleyball Coaches Association. Further, he has also presented regularly at the annual American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) convention – the largest convention of volleyball coaches in the world. Below are two videos of Andor presenting a few of the most popular volleyball instructional videos in the world on YouTube.

Andor Teaching Passing
2 Million+ Views

Intro - Volleyball1on1 2500+
Video Library (Andor Filmed)

Andor Teaching Spiking
1.6 Million+ Views

VPT– Volleyball Pattern Training ® – Regardless of the sport we as humans function best when we use good “Movement Patterns. “Bad Form” or a “Bad Movement Pattern” is either unsafe, inefficient or both. Bad form can lead to injury plus does not help maximize use of the body’s full potential.

VPT– Volleyball Pattern Training ® overcomes this by teaching good movement patterns while also teaching volleyball skills. Examples include a squat while passing, or good throwing form while hitting. Players will also learn how to identify and solve injuries as they happen for long-term overall body health and fitness.

Our Monday and Wednesday fitness class from 3:45 – 4:30 pm will be built around the education of VPT– Volleyball Pattern Training. ®

About Andor Gyulai, Volleyball1on1 Co-Founder – Andor Gyulai is a pioneer in the sport of volleyball and Co-Founder of Volleyball1on1, the leading innovator in USA youth volleyball coaching. His legacy as an expert celebrity volleyball coach includes over 50,000 hours and 28 years of coaching experience working with the absolute best coaches and players in the sport of volleyball. Andor is also one of the most popular YouTube volleyball coaches in the world on “Volleyball Spiking Technique” with more than three million views.

Volleyball1on1 As USA Youth Volleyball Coaching Leading Innovator – Volleyball1on1 offers the first Franchise like “Superior Coaching Systems” ® to help coaches successfully establish and launch a set of standards and systems for delivering success repeatedly as a High School Varsity Head Coach for building your program, similar to a business “Franchise-like” system. This system makes a new coach good quick and a seasoned coach great.

coaching-toolsMany of these systems will be taught to your youth volleyball players at St. Johns Volleyball by Andor Gyulai himself who developed all Volleyball1on1 Systems with his business partner and wife Vanessa Summers-Gyulai. Coaching systems include:
What Great Looks Like! ® : Coaching Standard, Playing Standard, & Winning Culture. It’s Bigger Than Volleyball! ®, Whole Person Growth ®, Read The Game, Slow The Game, And Eliminate Pressure ®, Do Your Share ®, C.A.R.E. – Connect, Ask, Recognize, Empathize. ®, Vision Training Toolkit ®, S.O.S. – Stress Output Score ®, Bump Up ®, VPT – Volleyball Pattern Training ®, OODA Loop Peak Performance Vision Training Blue Print ©, Volleyball1on1 Team Building Pyramid ©, Volleyball1on1 Player Empowerment Cards ©, Volleyball1on1 Game Plan Offense Poster ©, Volleyball1on1 Practice Outline Poster ©, and the 2022 Volleyball1on1 Indoor And Beach Coaching Manuals.

About Vanessa Summers-Gyulai, Volleyball1on1 Co-Founder: Vanessa Summers-Gyulai is author of three financial books, “The Girl’s Guide to Money & Investing”, “Buying Solo – The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home”, and “The Yoga of Money”. She has been profiled on National television shows on NBC, CBS, Fox, CNBC, and more.

Prior to launching Volleyball1on1 in 2009, Vanessa and Andor owned a Los Angeles based multi-million dollar business seminar company and partnered with Jairek Robbins, the son of mega motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins (Coach / Advisor To Bill Clinton, Oprah, and Mother Theresa).

Vanessa began her career in finance in her 20’s in Hong Kong as a stockbroker trading millions of dollars a day in Southeast Asian equity for US funds such as: Soros, Fidelity, and T. Rowe Price. Vanessa’s journey has been filled with many significant achievements: from a top ranked teen tennis star in Florida competing against Jennifer Capriatti and Mary Jo Fernandez, to a hi-fashion model in Paris and New York alongside Charlize Theron and Tyra Banks.

Vanessa and Andor enjoy parenting their three amazing kids: Thor (15), Veda (11), and Charlie (6) along with exploring delicious dining, fitness, healthy living, beach volleyball, and other fun activities as a couple and family in their newly relocated location of beautiful Nocatee, Florida.

Volleyball1on1 Historic Milestones – In 2009 Andor and Vanessa launched the first ever volleyball video coaching web site in the world. features the top names in the sport of volleyball from Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA MVP’s, AVP, and FIVB winners with their extensive 2500+ video library of indoor and outdoor beach content with the best coaches and players in the world sharing their insider tips, techniques, and winning strategies. A few of the top volleyball coaches in the world Andor has directly worked with include: Al Scates, Alan Knipe, Bill Ferguson, Brian Gimmillaro, Gary Sato, and Sinjin Smith.

In 2014 Volleyball1on1 launched the first ever “Volleyball Coaches Camp” in combination with their acclaimed USA High School Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps for high school players. High School Varsity Head Coaches and their staff learn in their camps to leapfrog their coaching and programs with Volleyball1on1’s “Franchise Like” Superior Coaching Systems ®.

In 2017 Volleyball1on1 launched the first fully “Franchise Like” Superior Coaching System ® for High Schools, and clubs around the world.

In 2022 Volleyball1on1 opened St. Johns Volleyball Club in St. Johns County in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Christopher CottonChristopher Cotton
15:34 12 Jan 23
We started going to Saint John’s Volleyball Club back in November and my 12-year old daughter’s volleyball game has already improved greatly. I love Andor’s coaching style. It is a very motivating and positive environment for the kids. He and his staff first worked with my daughter to determine where she needed to improve and then they immediately started doing drills to improve those areas.
Richard PetersonRichard Peterson
22:03 30 Dec 22
We are fortunate to have a "World Class" coach in our back yard. Coach Andor and his team consistently have the best interest of the students in mind. He shows them fundamentals and life lessons while keeping it fun! His Passion and positivity reflect through the smiles and growing confidence of the kids. My girls are new to the sport but look forward to each practice with the dream of playing collegiate Volleyball.
Valerie LeveilleValerie Leveille
19:36 03 Nov 22
This company offers great volleyball programs. My daughter enjoyed her training sessions thoroughly.Thank you for the great leadership Coach Andor!
Andor is a great motivator to his volley kids! Teaching volleyball and life skills. My daughter always leaves sessions with a smile. He also helped me out when our schedule was overbooked and my daughter couldn’t go to class… he gave more than expected to help us - without me even asking!
Amanda GreerAmanda Greer
00:11 20 Oct 22
I cannot speak highly enough of St. John’s volleyball club and especially Coach Andor! Not only is he talented but he puts all of the players first!, he cares for their social emotional growth and basic life skills when competing in a sport. My daughter has learned so much and I would recommend anybody who is interested in volleyball or already playing to check it out!
ben bootsben boots
19:26 08 Aug 22
Our daughter started volleyball this past spring and we are tremendously pleased with St John's Volleyball Club! I am a former player and coach of volleyball with an educational background. I can honestly say Andor and his staff are phenomenal and extremely passionate about the sport. They have a brilliant system which reinforces the fundamentals and not only keeps the kids interested, but keeps the them having fun! We Highly Recommend to anyone with children interested and/or currently playing volleyball!1
Scott PasterScott Paster
16:47 08 Aug 22
Our 2 daughters started volleyball this past spring and we could not be more pleased! From our first interaction, we were immediately impressed and felt the passion they had for teaching kids and building up a better volleyball experience in this area. The program is well run, organized and efficient and Coach Andor has a remarkable ability to simplify and reinforce the foundational skills and beyond. Highly Recommend!


St. Johns Volleyball Club will run classes all-year going forward. Classes will be billed on a monthly basis to allow player and parents flexibility around their middle school / high school volleyball season as well as the playing of other sports. Players who attend class will be allowed to transition over to next class monthly. Classes will build on themselves to help players advance to the level they desire. St. Johns Volleyball Club will eventually launch a beach and indoor program as facilities become available.

Living in Florida, rain is an inevitable part of life when planning outdoor events. Depending on the rain level, volleyball will often continue during very light rain or after it has just rained. We use hourly forecast to predict if class will or will not happen. We let parents know via email 1 hour before class if canceled.
If for some reason we need to cancel multiple volleyball classes in a month we will then run make-up classes. Make-up classes will tend to run on Wednesdays and Friday’s. For classes canceled on Wednesday, we will run make-up classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Parents can cancel at anytime by providing an email written notice of cancellation 7-days before the end of the month. If you miss this window, your cancellation request will become effective at the end of the following month. This will allow us to open your spot to other players plus allow us to make adjustments to our coaching staff if needed. Parents can email Andor Gyulai directly at If you have questions on this policy, please call Andor Gyulai directly at 310-435-5840.

We do not offer refunds as players sign-up on a monthly basis, plus have the opportunity to try the class via our drop-in option. We encourage new players to try the class with our one-time special promotion fee for their 1st drop-in class:

Register for a Middle School Drop-In Class For $20
Register for a High School Drop-In Class For $20

Being prepared for outdoor sports activity is key for success. This includes: Hat, Sunglasses, Sunblock, and Water / Gatorade.

“Winners Stay On!” – This is an important part of our team culture and something we teach in our classes. Our belief is that competition makes everyone better, and in our practice / classes we compete, and teach kids to compete. That said, part of our practice will involve players competing against other players. Better players will go up in courts and lower skilled players will go down in courts. With newer players, we will try keep them close to players of their own age first before focusing on just their skill level. Boys and girls will also often mix and compete together. We find until age 14 girls can compete physically on the same level as boys. After age 14 we find girls often have such an advantage from starting earlier than boys, they still beat them. Many girls still want to compete with boys all the way until 18 and after.

We believe that the net height should change for younger players in order to promote good form. This means lowering the net so your child can spike over the net even at a young age. The net height will change based upon the skill level and age of the court on which they train at NocVolleyball. For most players we will adjust the net height at about the bottom of their hand.

Our goal is between 8-10 players per court, but this will change to as low as 4 players per court depending on the day. We will often divide the courts in half so that we can play two games simultaneously on the same net so that we can maximize contacts on the ball. We also encourage newer players to play on a smaller court. This encourages more touches and this type of play is better for skill development.

Yes, we will offer other resources including: instructional videos, coaching tools and more. These will be developed and added as we get the program more established and we uncover the needs of the players.

Andor Gyulai will make himself available briefly before and after each practice. Please be thoughtful and courteous by keeping questions short and to the point. If you are interested in bigger questions about the long term future of your daughter or sons volleyball career or getting a scholarship, please understand that we could possibly help within the following framework: 1) We need to first build a working relationship together over the course of at least one season. 2) Thoughtfulness matters, quick questions are fine, but longer discussions need to be put on pause until the appropriate time. 3) Andor can set up a paid consulting call at $300 / hour if you want to take your time and get answers to your full satisfaction.

Andor Gyulai does not offer private lessons as his rate is $300 / hour. We do offered lessons with our trained Volleyball1on1 / Nocatee instructors if this is what you require. We will add more details as private lessons are requested.

We suggest all players purchase a 4 Pound Medicine Ball. This ball will be used for training setting, passing and VPT – Volleyball Pattern Training. The ball can be purchased on Amazon for about $25.

Volleyball1on1 is unique in that we have a proven systems called: Superior Coaching Systems ® and Whole Person Growth ® to teach valuable life lessons which we call: It’s Bigger Than Volleyball! ®

Volleyball1on1 will be hosting a parents meeting May 19th, at 6 pm to help educate you on our coaching systems. The goal of this parent meeting is so that you can reinforce these systems at home so we can work together to help your child in the best manor possible.

For players and parents looking to see if their child likes volleyball and the class, we offer a discounted one time drop-in rate of $20. Parents can signup online and then attend the class that best fits their schedule. We encourage players and parents to drop-in sooner that later as friendships are being build in class, skills are being taught and most players who drop-in choose to continue with the class.

Andor Gyulai is well connected in the volleyball community. On Thursday May 19th Olympic Gold Medalist Phil Dalhausser joined St. Johns Volleyball Club for practice. Attendees got to take with Phil holding his gold medal plus got the opportunity to learn from Phil first hand how to get better at volleyball. Phil also joined parents after the kids clinic for  a parent meeting with Andor Gyulai and Phil Dalhausser on “Better Parenting Through Sports.”

Andor will invite Phil and other guest in the future. We look forward to having you attend those meetings.

Wow, this sounds great, but what if my child does not like it?

Try-it. Sign-up below and come try a class for just $20.

Be sure to come introduce yourself to Andor after class to review how it went.

1st Time Drop-In
(Try It)

After you attend the first class Andor can review with you and your child what makes the most sense going forward. Andor is an expert in the field of youth coaching and has coached or had over 10,000 kids attend his coaching programs and camps in person. Andor will make himself available via phone or after practice to see what makes the most sense for your child. We look forward to meeting you in person.

1st Time Drop-In
Middle School Class
Cost $20
Regular Cost $40

1st Time Drop-In
High School Class
Cost $20
Regular Cost $40