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Volleyball Information - Eric Fonoimoana Gold Medal at 2000 Olympics

Volleyball Information – Eric Fonoimoana Gold Medal at 2000 Olympics

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Information On Volleyball Continued

Volleyball History – Today volleyball is the most participated sport in the world with over a 1 billion people playing weekly. Volleyball however was not always like this. Volleyball has a long and storied history. Find out more about its early beginnings when it was known as Mintonette and its founder William G Morgan.

Information Regarding the Rules Volleyball

Recent Volleyball Rule Changes – Indoor Volleyball

  • Ball contact of the net on serve – major rule change was the continuation of play if the ball hit the net on serve! This rule was a logical next step in the game and but only came into affect in the late 90’s.
  • Overhand Serve Reception – In the late 90’s early 2000 this rule came into affect in indoor volleyball and basically changed the way the game was played. What this rule meant was that no longer did players digging the ball on service reception have to bump pass it off their arms, rather now they could move forward and set the ball with their hands. What also was important about this rule was that players could double the contact and the contact while setting did not have to be clean like traditional setting. The result of this rule change was that now outside hitters did not have to be as skilled in passing as before so the players got bigger and became more hitting / blocking focused!
  • Introduction of the Libero Position – The introduction of the Libero Position in the late 90’s, early 2000 completely changed the way the game was played at multiple levels! What this did was open up opportunities for defensive specialist to be more a part of the game. This meant that on serve receive you had full time experts that could take larger parts of the court thereby putting less pressure on the outside hitters for passing serves! Additionally you had defensive players that were more involved in the game and had bigger roles in team defense.
  • Increased the Number of Substitutions – New rule changes have dramatically increased the number of substitutions! The result is that some teams are once again running more 6-2 offenses.

Beach Volleyball Rules

Volleyball Organizations and Information

  • FIVB Volleyball
  • USA Volleyball
  • The AVP
  • SCVAVolleyball.org

Volleyball Terms and Information

There are a number of volleyball terms that are unique to the sport. Here are a few of our favorite. Click here to see our full list!

Bic – Low fast set out the back row. Lower pipe set. This set was first run indoor in college by Jeff Nygaard, Stein Metzger and John Speraw. Click on Bic to see instructions on how to run this effectively as well as hear the story of how Jeff and Stein came up with the name while playing at UCLA where they were the first to run the set in NCAA College Indoor.

DINK – A legal push of the ball around or over blockers.

Flaming Moe - South Africa Volleyball National Drink of Choice

Flaming Moe – South Africa Volleyball National Drink of Choice

FLAMING MOE – An alcoholic beverage consumed on the South African Pro beach volleyball tour. It is Black Sambuka which you put in your mouth and light on fire, this produces a blue flame much like the episode of the Simpsons.

Nail – Perfect pass in volleyball for the setter.

PANCAKE – A one-handed defensive technique where the hand is extended and the palm is slid along the floor as the player dives or extension rolls, and timed so that the ball bounces off the back of the hand.

SIX PACK – Occurs when a blocker gets hit in the head or face by a spiked ball.

SOUP – The South African Version of the six pack where you get hit in the face by a spiked ball, but everyone on the opposing team screams Soooooouuuuupppppppp!

In Person Volleyball Coaching Information

We offer incredible coaching resources by the best players and coaches in the world for in person volleyball coaching. This includes:

Volleyball News – Checkout all the latest volleyball news.

Volleyball News and Recent happenings!

Famous Volleyball Players

Facts About Volleyball

This page is dedicated to interesting facts about volleyball and sport of volleyball.


  1. The game of volleyball originally consisted of nine innings. – Click Here for Details!
  2. Originally two serves were allowed like tennis.
  3. 25 by 50 feet was the original size of the volleyball court.
  4. Net height is 7′ 11 5/8″ for men. 7′ 4 1/8″ for women while the original volleyball net was 6 foot 6 inches.

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