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Stein Metzger Volleyball Series Setting The Bic

Stein presents part 11 of 27 for setters. Discussed is what is bic set is and how to run “The Bic” effectively. For those interested in the history of the “Bic” set and How Jeff and Stein created the name and were the first to run it in college volleyball go here now for more information.

Sinjin Smith on Being a Good Volleyball Partner

Beach volleyball is a 2 person per team sport and as such the ability to be a good partner on the court is a critical aspect of success. In this video Sinjin discusses how to be a good beach volleyball partner.

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Bill Ferguson USC Men’s Volleyball Program, History and Facilities

The USC Men’s Volleyball Program has one of the richest traditions and some of the best facilities of any male volleyball program in the country. In this series of videos you will get an in depth look at some of the things that makes USC not only a great volleyball program, but one of the best college sports programs in the country.

Bill Ferguson on Cover of Volleyball Mag

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Bill On Coaching Volleyball

In this video Bill Ferguson talks about his journey to becoming a head volleyball coach and the people and lessons he learned along the way. This video is a great for players and coaches alike and offer wonderful insights and perspective into the sport.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Breakout Sessions, Setting

n this video Bill Ferguson goes over “Breakout Sessions” from the early part of practice! The goal during breakout sessions is to work on specific skills and develop the players skills individually. During a breakout sessions coaches focus on individual players and specific volleyball skills for the player. In video 1 we go over Bill and the setter specific drills

Long Beach State Women’s Volleyball Locker Room Tour with Brian Gimmillaro

Long Beach State Women’s Volleyball locker room tour with Brian Gimmillaro. In this exceptional video Brian shares stories behind one of the greatest college volleyball programs in country. See an insiders look of the Long Beach State facilities as well as hear Brian share stories about some of the greatest players to play the game including Misty May-Trennor, Danielle Scott-Aruda, and Tara Cross-Battle to name just a few.

Long Beach State Women’s Volleyball Campus Tour with Brian Gimmillaro

Long Beach State Women’s Volleyball Campus Tour with Brian Gimmillaro. This is an exciting video where you get to take a tour of the incredible rich volleyball history that is Long Beach State Volleyball. This includes NCAA championships, famous players and more… Oh and let me not forget Brian getting into details about the first undefeated women’s team in NCAA History.

Brian Gimmillaro Volleyball Mentors and Friends along the Way

In this great person video featuring a “Conversation from the office” Brian Gimmillaro share his thoughts on his volleyball mentors and friends along the way. Like all great coaches, Brian learned volleyball from the people that came before him and this video show that.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Hitting the Bic and History

The Bic is a very well known play in volleyball that gets its name from Stein Metzger and Jeff Nygaard. Jeff had a direct hand in naming the play while winning two NCAA championships. Here he talks about it and how to run it successfully.

Volleyball Practice Plan Mens Indoor With Al Scates #1 – Part 9

Al Scates Volleyball Coaching Advice – Creating In Practice Competition.
Al Scates – His Journey As UCLA Volleyball Coach.
Al Scates on the Best Players He Ever Coached and Some Fun Stories.
Al Scates Stories and Discussing His Championship Titles.

Volleyball Jump Program and Jump Training with Gold Medalist Eric Fonoi

This is the only zero impact volleyball jump program available anywhere. As a result of utilizing this program, you can push yourself and your athletes further physically without fear of injury or fatigue.
Volleyball Jump Training is a critical component to competing successfully on the volleyball court. The biggest problem of any well thought out program is that lifting weights.


*1897 ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC LEAGUE HANDBOOK – VOLLEY BALL / Mintonette* During the winter of 1895-96, Mr. W.G. Morgan of Holyoke, Mass., developed a game in his gymnasium which he called Volley Ball. It was presented to the succeeding Physical Directors’ Conference and the general impression seemed to be that it would fill a place not…

USC Volleyball Facilities and Tour with Bill Ferguson

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for defensive players and teaching them to stay in zone 6 during a play. The USC Men’s Volleyball Program some of the best facilities of any program in the country. In this all access pass we are going to take you inside USC Men’s Locker Room and show you arguably the best Men’s Volleyball Facilities in the country.

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Beach Volleyball Player Ever (Male)

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Volleyball Player Ever. If you had to ask any volleyball fan who is the greatest male player to ever play the game most would say Karch Kiraly. I would argue that he was the best indoor and outdoor player to play the game but Kent Steffes was the greatest player to play beach Volleyball period.