UCLA Head Sand Coach, Stein Metzger was a 2004 Olympian, an 18 time AVP champion, FIVB winner. He is also best known for leading UCLA to 4 consecutive NCAA finals as a starting setting of which they won 3 championships and was named the MVP his senior year. In 2012 and 2013 he coached over 50 Pro FIVB and AVP players each years including male and female players from countries across the globe.

Stepping in Pairs, Stein Metzger Beach Volleyball Tip to Imporve Ball Control and Passing

“Stepping in Pairs” is a volleyball ques Stein uses to describe moving your feet so that you end up with a wide base and are not “Water Skiing” the opposite verbal which is having a narrow base. This video series contains a great demonstration of the concept as well as some simple drills.

Volleyball Setting, Perfect Indoor Volleyball Setting with Stein Metzger

Proper volleyball setting can be the make or break factor for just about any volleyball team at any level. Often times the development of this absolutely essential but deceptively tricky volleyball skill is neglected…but it shouldn’t be. Learn from 3 Time NCAA Champ Stein Metzger.