“Our daughter started volleyball this past spring and we are tremendously pleased with St John’s Volleyball Club! I am a former player and coach of volleyball with an educational background. I can honestly say Andor and his staff are phenomenal and extremely passionate about the sport. They have a brilliant system which reinforces the fundamentals and not only keeps the kids interested, but keeps the them having fun! We Highly Recommend to anyone with children interested and/or currently playing volleyball!” – Ben Boots


“It’s not just about volleyball. This program is excellent for guiding children to develop not only volleyball and team building skills, but also developing positive social and self esteem skills with distinguished coaching and mentoring. Thank you coaches Andor, Vanessa, Thor, Vida and Charlie!” – Wes Popplewell

“My daughter loves the St. Johns Volleyball Club! Very well run, very experienced staff/owners, and a lot of fun! Looking forward to more volleyball this year!” – Beth Stautz

“This is a fantastic volleyball program with amazing leadership and positivity!” – Tara Kuckel

“Our 2 daughters started volleyball this past spring and we could not be more pleased! From our first interaction, we were immediately impressed and felt the passion they had for teaching kids and building up a better volleyball experience in this area. The program is well run, organized and efficient and Coach Andor has a remarkable ability to simplify and reinforce the foundational skills and beyond. Highly Recommend!” – Scott Paster