Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Spiking for Beginners

Steve presents a series on spiking which is what every beginner wants to learn. In these videos everything is broken down and builds confidence with easy to understand instruction and drills.

1. The arm swing on the beach is unique and slightly different from indoor. Proper technique prevents injury and forms a base to work on.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Blocking for Beginners

Steve walks through a video series on blocking for beginners on the beach. Height is not always needed and confidence is easily gained with coaching cues and drills that are easy to understand.

1. A blockers mentality is taught in a drill without ball so the blocker understands how active blocking is on the court.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Pulling for Beginners

Steve describes and demonstrates how to pull from the net when blocking. These videos show the easy and efficient way to properly pull off the net that has players build confidence quickly.

1. Staring position and balance with efficient footwork has players cover a large amount of ground when staying at the net.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Defense for Beginners

Steve presents a full video series of playing defense on the beach for beginners. This series goes through the process for players and coaches to efficiently build skills and confidence quickly.

1. Defense starts with the player covering their half of the court and determining how many shots they can systematically cover.

Orange County, California – Youth Beach Volleyball Camps with Ed Ratledge

Volleyball1on1 is excited to announce that long time Volleyball1on1 Instructor will continue to host youth beach volleyball camps in Orange County. Ed a long time beach and AVP Beach Volleyball professional has built a good reputation as hosting once of the best beach volleyball camps in California for youth players. The camps occur all summer long and take place Monday – Friday 9 am till Noon. Ages are 7-16 both boys and girls. For more details contact Ed and his wonderful staff below!

Beach Volleyball Camps
Season: All summer long, late June-August
Day/Time: Mon-Fri 9-noon
Ages: 7-16 with different camps for different ages

SCVC Club Volleyball Practice Plan with Bill Ferguson

SCVC is one of the most successful volleyball clubs in the United States. Coached by Bill Ferguson and an elite staff of volleyball coaches SCVC has won more awards in the boys division than any other boys volleyball club. In addition to coaching SCVC Bill is the head coach of USC Men’s Volleyball where he has been awarded coach of the year honors twice.

USC Men’s Volleyball Practice Coached by Bill Ferguson, Jeff Nygaard, Cam Green

This post contains videos and breakdown for a full USC Men’s Volleyball Practice. The coaches include Bill Ferguson, Jeff Nygaard, and Cam Green. Additionally we filled exclusive content where we sat with Bill and discussed the volleyball practice, drills and his coaching style including details of the practice and what he was looking to get out of each drill.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Crunch Time Volleyball Drill

Crunch Time Volleyball Drill is both team and coach favorite. When there is a draw in the “Little Italy Drill” the players move to the crunch time drill. The players have to kill 3 balls in a row in order to move out of crunch time and then go into a game with regular score win by two starting at a particular score, often 22-22.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Little Italy Volleyball Drill

Little Italy Drill is a version of the Italy Drill except for Juniors. The drill Bill picked up from the Italian national team before the Olympics. The drill is a version of the “Italy Drill” except that it uses 3 balls verses 4 balls! Great drill for team play and transition. To see all of…

Bill Ferguson SCVC Over the Net Volleyball Pepper Drill

Over the Net Pepper has become a very popular drill for all levels! The drill teaches over the head and below the head ball control. It also is great for teaching players how to interact together on the court and what their roles and responsibilities are on the court! This video offers some great insights into running the drill for juniors as well as verbal queues for coaching kids.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Station Volleyball Arm Swing Drill

This incredible video and drill features Bill Ferguson working with a player one on one to improve their arm swing. It includes volleyball spiking technique from Bill, verbal queues, as well as step by step on how he teaches spiking! This video is a must for all club and high school coaches who teach youth and junior volleyball players.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Stations Setting, Passing and Arm Swing Drill

Station Drills are one of the most effective way to improve individual skills. The problem with stations is you need space or it is difficult to do. What is so impressive about this practice planning is how they are able to do all these stations and work on all these individual skills on just one volleyball court.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Goal of Tonight’s Volleyball Practice

In this video we discuss Bills goals for the practice: Get the players more touches, Getting used to playing big boy volleyball (Higher net!), Understanding 6 person volleyball, responsibilities and roles. Helping a new kid with his arm-swing.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Teaching Volleyball Defense Drill – Pancake

In the video Bill and the assistant coach work on technique for the two libero’s. What is interesting is the technique they teach is the same as what Jeff Nygaard was teaching the USC men’s middle in the morning. Some of the verbal ques include the “Staggered Step” meaning you have one foot in-front of the other so you can move forward quickly.

Bill Ferguson SCVC Volleyball Blocking Trips Drill

This is a great video where you see Bill Ferguson running the blocking trips volleyball drill for juniors. This drill is simple and extremely effective. What I like about the video is you see Bill teaching the kids correct technique as well as it is interesting watching him interact with the kids and push them to do it better!

Bill Ferguson SCVC Volleyball Practice Introduction

Great video of Bill Ferguson introducing the USC practice! What I like about this video is you see how Bill explains the entire practice in advance and gets the players involved with the practice. Also you see how Bill outlines team and some individual goals relating them back to the practice and how players need to improve in specific areas!

Bill Ferguson – SCVC Warm Up & Andor Introduction to Practice

SCVC – Bill Ferguson Volleyball Club SCVC is one of the best if not the best boys volleyball club in the United States. In this series of videos we will go through a full volleyball practice will Bill Ferguson coaching his Youth u15 boys Team.

Bill Ferguson USC Men’s Volleyball Program, History and Facilities

The USC Men’s Volleyball Program has one of the richest traditions and some of the best facilities of any male volleyball program in the country. In this series of videos you will get an in depth look at some of the things that makes USC not only a great volleyball program, but one of the best college sports programs in the country.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Advice for Young Players

this video Bill offers advice for young players looking to get scholarships in college and play at a higher level. With Bill background coaching college and club there are few that can offer better advice on the subject. On top of that there are few coaches that have helped as many players as Bill get scholarships to play at D1 schools.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Coaching USC vs. Junior Club

Bill Ferguson is one of the few volleyball coaches that coach both a top NCAA college program as well as a club team. This video give a great perspective / insight on coaching and how practice / drills are run based upon the players age and skill level. In this video Bill talks in detail about how he changes practice

Bill Ferguson on Cover of Volleyball Mag

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Bill On Coaching Volleyball

In this video Bill Ferguson talks about his journey to becoming a head volleyball coach and the people and lessons he learned along the way. This video is a great for players and coaches alike and offer wonderful insights and perspective into the sport.

USC Volleyball who Bill Ferguson Coaches

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Italy Drill

This video features Bill Ferguson reviewing Italy Volleyball Drill. As you can image this is a drill he picked up from the Men’s Italian National Team. This drill will help your team with pressure sideout and pressure defense. This is a great multi skill team drill. We have also included all 5 videos of the team performing the drill in practice.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Over the Net Pepper Drill

The next videos features an intimate conversation with Bill Ferguson (USC Volleyball Head Coach/ SCVA Owner & Coach) and Andor Gyulai ( – Owner) about the practice, the drills, his coaching philosophy and more. This video focuses on Over the Net Pepper Drill.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, In Practice Serving Drill

In this video Andor and Bill discuss the next drill, the in practice serving drill. This video brings up a number of interesting points including the timing of the drill relative to the practice and more. We have also included the live video of the drill being performed in the gym in this post.