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Sinjin Smith on Reading the Game for Beach Volleyball

This is a very interesting video where Sinjin Smith discusses “Reading the game” in beach volleyball. Karch and Sinjin played and won together on the beach at an early age. In this video you will hear some of the secrets both used to win both indoor and beach.

Sinjin Smith on Serving in Beach Volleyball

In this video beach volleyball legend Sinjin Smith shares some free instructional coaching for beach volleyball serving. This is a great video for players of all levels. This video is sponsor by Honu volleyball sandals.

Sinjin Smith – What to Do in Beach Volleyball If Things are not Going Well

This video contains important tips for having success in beach volleyball verses indoor volleyball. The instructor is Sinjin Smith the second most winning-est player in beach volleyball history and who is also in the volleyball hall of fame.

This video is sponsor by honu volleyball sandals. See what Sinjin thinks of Honu Sandals here.

Matt Fuerbringer Blocking a Volleyball

All of Matt Fuerbringer Instructional Volleyball Videos and Drills, 27 on Just Beach Blocking

Matt Fuerbringer recently retired as a professional beach volleyball player after dominating on the AVP and FIVB tours for years. Acknowledge as one of the best beach blockers in the world his series of videos contains 27 instructional videos and drills on the topic of beach blocking.

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Blocking Line

Matt shows effective strategies for blocking the line in beach volleyball. This series includes 6 videos and 6 different ways to block the line shot.

1. The basics involve affronting the hitters shoulder and pressing over the net taking away the line and seam.
2. Being tooled is the worst that can happen to a blocker. It is avoided by pressing the outside hand to the line

Tom Black College Women’s Indoor Volleyball Practice Plan 1 and Office Conversation

This is the first indoor volleyball practice plan we filmed with Tom Black and the LMU Women’s Team. Tom is an incredible coach and currently an assistant coach with Karch Kiraly on the women’s national team. This practice is very revealing to what great coaches do and how the little things add up to greatness.

Tom Black College Women’s Indoor Volleyball Practice Plan 1 Introduction and Team Goals

Practice Plan #1 – Part 1 of 10 – Includes practice introduction, team goals / debriefing and also the quote of the day. Some great insightful videos that will help any coach become a better coach. Particularly if you are not currently using a quote of the day or have created a united team goal.

Tom Black Volleyball Practice 1 – 6 on 6 Out of System, Chaos 3 Ball Team Wash Drill (Part 1)

Practice Plan #1 – Part 5 of 10 – 6 on 6 Out of System, Chaos 3 Ball Team Wash Drill. This is a great drill to put everything the team has worked on so far into action in a real game like situation.

Tom Black’s Practice Plan #1 Part 7 – Serving drill, Jump Float Serve, Radar Gun Explained

Practice Plan #1 – Part 7 of 10 – Serving drill and videos focusing on the jump float serve and serving technique. In this series of videos you will get to see and hear how the staff at LMU uses the radar gun to clock each players serve and increase consistency. Also later you will hear about the research Tom has done regarding the jump float serve in women’s volleyball.

Tom Black Volleyball Practice 1 – Serving Focused Wash Continued, Serving and Passing, Coaching Advice, Practice Wrap Up

Practice Plan #1 – Part 8 of 10 – Serving Focused Wash Continued, Serving and Passing, Coaching Advice, Practice Wrap Up. This series of videos contain a service focused wash drill followed by serving and passing, Tom Black sharing some coaching advice and finally the practice wrap up.

Tom Black Volleyball Coaching – Weekly Team Goals Planning and Debriefing

In this video you get a chance to see LMU Women’s Team discussing their weekly team goals including a debriefing of those goals. This is interesting and not something most coaches do yet should consider for their program.

Tom Black Volleyball Coaching – Volleyball Practice 1 Quote of the Day

In this video you will see Tom Black talking to his team before practice and introducing the practice 1 – Quote of the Day. Every practice starts with a quote and the goal is to use the quote to help players grasp important concepts the coach is looking for them to learn.

Tom Black – Hitters vs. Diggers Volleyball Drill From Practice 1

Hitters vs. diggers volleyball drill is a great drill for reading the game and helping your defenders become better at reading attackers arm swings. We have also included and explanation of the drill from the conversation from the office.