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Eric Fonoimoana Volleyball Stretching – Pec Stretch

Olympic gold medalist Eric Fonoimoana demonstrates Volleyball Stretching – Pec Stretch.

The TRAINERmat is designed for both indoor and outdoor volleyball fitness. This sport-specific mat features the strengthening and stretching exercises used by professional volleyball players worldwide. The mat’s 27 exercises are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their sport performance.

Beginner Volleyball Practice Plan 1 by Andor Gyulai

This Volleyball Practice Plan is a early season volleyball practice design for players of all skill levels. The primary focus of this practice is two fold,
– Helpful Do and Don’t for Your First Volleyball Practice as a Coach
– Useful Volleyball Passing Drills, Technique and More to Help Build Strong Fundamentals in Volleyball Passing and Volleyball Serve Reception.

David Fischer Volleyball Float Serve

The float serve is the most fundamental can’t miss serve in volleyball. Twelve year coach and pro player David Fischer breaks it down. The float is presented and done in three steps from the toss through to contact with the ball. Gum up the opponents offense with different speeds and locations of the ball.

Marcin Jagoda Volleyball Core Strength

Core training and exercise is critical for optimal performance and health. A good core workout improves spiking and passing to defense and blocking. Marcin walks through a series of videos to strengthen the core.
1. Front plank is essential for core strength. Keep it simple with elbows beneath the chest and hold that position.

Marcin Jagoda Shoulder Injury Prevention

Shoulder health and preventing rotator cuff injuries applies to all volleyball players. In this series of videos Marcin talks about exercises to keep the shoulder healthy.

1. Thumb down cross body pull effectively helps to slow down the arm after spiking the ball.
2. Horizontal cable cross-over’s start by pulling the cable out to 90 degrees with the hips solid for a stable base.
3. Reverse “Y” begins with the thumb facing up and pulling up in a “Y” motion on the cable.
4. To do single sided bicycles place the feet shoulder width apart with the back on the floor. Put one hand behind the head and touch the shoulder to the opposite knee.
5. Resistance band shoulder flexion is done with high intensity and very fast reps.
6. Lat pulls requires a steady pace for the largest muscles in the back.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Football Influences

This video contains more details on how football and USC football influences Bills Coaching Philosophy. Another great video for coaches to help them improve how they develop their students and team as well as how to run a successful practice and program. Also this contains some great information on verbal cues and how visual imagery used in football.

Alicia Zamparelli the Pokey in Beach Volleyball

The perfect pokey and how it is done is shown by Alicia in this video series. Every player must have this move in their arsenal.

1. What the pokey is and a drill to get started
2. How to use the pokey on defense
3. Quickly adjust when the ball is hit easy and the hands are already up high

Long Beach State & Brian Gimmillaro Famous Volleyball Warm Up Drill

Brian Gimmillaro is one of the greatest coaches in college indoor volleyball history and in this video he shares secrets to his famous volleyball warm up drill. This drill for volleyball focuses on a large number of ball touches in a very short period of time.

Andor Gyulai Blogging for the AVCA and Sharing Volleyball Tips and Secrets

I am excited to anounce I will be helping the AVCA, the largest volleyball coaching association in the world with instructional volleyball videos, volleyball drills and volleyball information
My goal is too add one new blog each week, with valuable content including an instructional video where possible! Below is this weeks video and blog!

Volleyball Drills for Setters: Dig, Set, Spike

his Volleyball Drill is for Setters and Hitters to work on running plays off of an in-system pass. Each Setter will gain court awareness during this fast-paced drill. Each rep will make them a better player along with making their teammates better at passing and hitting.

Skill Level: This Volleyball Drill is used for beginner to intermediate skill level.

How to Block a Volleyball, Indoor Techniques

Hi, I’m Mike Diehl, fifteen year indoor volleyball pro including three time league MVP, league kill leader and league ace leader. Also Bud 4-man beach tour MVP, kill leader and NCAA Champion at UCLA. Today I am going to share the secrets on how to block a volleyball in the outside positions of two and four.


*1897 ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC LEAGUE HANDBOOK – VOLLEY BALL / Mintonette* During the winter of 1895-96, Mr. W.G. Morgan of Holyoke, Mass., developed a game in his gymnasium which he called Volley Ball. It was presented to the succeeding Physical Directors’ Conference and the general impression seemed to be that it would fill a place not…

USC Volleyball Facilities and Tour with Bill Ferguson

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for defensive players and teaching them to stay in zone 6 during a play. The USC Men’s Volleyball Program some of the best facilities of any program in the country. In this all access pass we are going to take you inside USC Men’s Locker Room and show you arguably the best Men’s Volleyball Facilities in the country.

Volleyball Drills for Outside Hitters: Back Row Attacks with Reach and Snap

This drill for volleyball can be used to improve all of your hitters contact point focusing them to reach high and snap on the ball when spiking. Also great for back row attacks and ball control.

Skill Level: This drill for volleyball can be used for intermediate to advanced skill level.

# Players: This drill is designed for 1-8 players. A variation of the drill can include blockers, defense and offensive covering.

2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tourney – Chula Vista, CA

2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tourney – Chula Vista, CA

This past weekend I had the unbelievable opportunity to volunteer at the NORCECA beach volleyball tournament held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. While the weather and desert-like conditions weren’t the most conducive to an amazing sand volleyball experience the event was amazing. For the men’s side, Canada’s Chaim Shalk and Benjamin Saxton finished 1st.

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Beach Volleyball Player Ever (Male)

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Volleyball Player Ever. If you had to ask any volleyball fan who is the greatest male player to ever play the game most would say Karch Kiraly. I would argue that he was the best indoor and outdoor player to play the game but Kent Steffes was the greatest player to play beach Volleyball period.