Volleyball tips for getting better at playing volleyball and improving your volleyball skills.

Marcin Jagoda Volleyball Knee Issues

Knee issues are caused by over use or muscular imbalance, particularly in the quads for volleyball players. Marcin demonstrates two exercises he learned as a certified trainer to correct this.

Marcin Jagoda Volleyball Post Play Stretch

Marcin talks about the importance of stretching after playing or working out. Included are two different volleyball stretches to stay loose.   To view all of Marcin Jagoda’s videos – Click Here!    

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Hitting

Jeff shares his insight on middle hitting. This series demonstrates how to be deceptive and beat the blocker to the punch when spiking out the middle.

1. The gap is always placed between area two and area three. Make the approach from the middle position with correct form to maximize power and range to all angles of the court.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Transition Footwork II

When moving to block area four use three steps to the block, three steps to the starting position, three steps on the approach. Jeff shows how it’s done with good volleyball blocking footwork.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Blocking Secret I

Jeff lets out a secret because he likes to let out secrets. When all the blockers are bunched together in the middle, correct footwork will prevent the blockers from crashing into each other when moving to the outside.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Blocking Secret II

When covering the entire net while blocking long distances have to be traveled. Jeff demonstrates an advanced piece of footwork that moves the blocker quickly from one side of the court to the other side.   To view all of Jeff Nygaard’s videos – Click Here!    

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Control Factor

Staying in control lies between not trying at all and trying too hard. When trying too hard mistakes will be made. Jeff presents a video that mentions fellow Volleyball1on1 instructor Marcin Jagoda.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Hitter Setting

Middles that have the skill to set a volleyball open up more offensive possibilities. Jeff explains the options available in this video and the importance of middle hitters learning to set in transition.

Seth Burnham Beach Volleyball Conditions

Moving from indoor to beach means having to play in varying weather conditions. Seth talks about playing in different types of sand, wind and other weather conditions successfully.