Volleyball form including technique and skill instruction for spiking, passing, setting, serving, blocking and defense.

Sinjin Smith on Serving in Beach Volleyball

In this video beach volleyball legend Sinjin Smith shares some free instructional coaching for beach volleyball serving. This is a great video for players of all levels. This video is sponsor by Honu volleyball sandals.

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Blocking

Matt presents a 6 video series on blocking blocking. Having earned a reputation as one of the best blockers in the world, these six videos teach players important concepts on blocking that will forever improve your game.

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Blocking Line

Matt shows effective strategies for blocking the line in beach volleyball. This series includes 6 videos and 6 different ways to block the line shot.

1. The basics involve affronting the hitters shoulder and pressing over the net taking away the line and seam.
2. Being tooled is the worst that can happen to a blocker. It is avoided by pressing the outside hand to the line

Instructional Videos and Drills Regarding the Jump Float Serve with Tom Black and LMU Staff

This post offers a great series of instructional videos and drills with Tom Black (LMU Head Women’s Coach, USA Assistant Coach) and his staff teaching the jump float serve includes tips on using a radar gun to increase consistency, verbal cues used by coaches and more! Tom has dedicated a significant amount of time researching the effectiveness of the jump float serve.

Priscilla Lima Beach Volleyball Blocking

Priscilla presents a six part video series on blocking. Blocking on the beach requires more area is covered at the net while the defender covers the rest of the court.

1. The fake out is an advanced technique that is easy to execute by taking a step back from the hitter then going up to block at the last moment.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Hitting

Jeff shares his insight on middle hitting. This series demonstrates how to be deceptive and beat the blocker to the punch when spiking out the middle.

1. The gap is always placed between area two and area three. Make the approach from the middle position with correct form to maximize power and range to all angles of the court.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Transition Footwork II

When moving to block area four use three steps to the block, three steps to the starting position, three steps on the approach. Jeff shows how it’s done with good volleyball blocking footwork.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Blocking Secret I

Jeff lets out a secret because he likes to let out secrets. When all the blockers are bunched together in the middle, correct footwork will prevent the blockers from crashing into each other when moving to the outside.

Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle Blocking Secret II

When covering the entire net while blocking long distances have to be traveled. Jeff demonstrates an advanced piece of footwork that moves the blocker quickly from one side of the court to the other side. To view all of Jeff Nygaard’s videos – Click Here!

Adriano Ticao Beach Volleyball Blocking Pulling Angle

Adriano Ticao brings his wealth of experience as a certified Brazilian beach coach to this series on pulling into the angle while blocking. These videos cover how to read the block, overhand and underhand digs and more.

1. Start by lining up on the hitter using the eyes and more.

Adriano Ticao Beach Volleyball Blocking Pulling Line

Adriano presents a video series on how to pull down the line as a blocker on the beach. This series presents the Brazilian methods of of how to correctly read the play and pull down the line as a defender.

1. Approaching the net requires reading the play, being in the correct place and more.

Adriano Ticao Beach Volleyball Blocking Angle

Adriano demonstrates how to block the angle in beach volleyball. Included are how to prepare and time the jump to take away as much court as possible.

1. Prepare by starting in the middle of the court at the net and use a cross over step plus more.