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Tom Black Volleyball Coaching – Weekly Team Goals Planning and Debriefing

In this video you get a chance to see LMU Women’s Team discussing their weekly team goals including a debriefing of those goals. This is interesting and not something most coaches do yet should consider for their program.

Tom Black Volleyball Coaching – Volleyball Practice 1 Quote of the Day

In this video you will see Tom Black talking to his team before practice and introducing the practice 1 – Quote of the Day. Every practice starts with a quote and the goal is to use the quote to help players grasp important concepts the coach is looking for them to learn.

Tom Black – Hitters vs. Diggers Volleyball Drill From Practice 1

Hitters vs. diggers volleyball drill is a great drill for reading the game and helping your defenders become better at reading attackers arm swings. We have also included and explanation of the drill from the conversation from the office.

Tom Black – Hut to Five Volleyball Drill From Practice 1

Hut to Five volleyball drill – Is a drill run early in the season to help middles with their eye sequence and to help them have better technique and make better moves when they block. Additionally it is a great drill for outside hitters to work on attacking as well as for defense to work on defending the outside attack.

Tom Black Outside Hitter Volleyball Tutor Drills From Practice 1

Outside Hitter Tutor Volleyball Drills – This drill works on specific needs of your outside hitters. Note we have included the conversation from the office where Tom discusses this drill in detail.

Tom Black Middle Hitter Tutor Volleyball Drills From Practice 1

Middle Hitter Tutor Volleyball Drills – This drill works on specific needs for the middle. In this case the setter and the middles were not connecting on a fast set so they adjusted the set slightly higher so that they connected better.

Instructional Videos and Drills Regarding the Jump Float Serve with Tom Black and LMU Staff

This post offers a great series of instructional videos and drills with Tom Black (LMU Head Women’s Coach, USA Assistant Coach) and his staff teaching the jump float serve includes tips on using a radar gun to increase consistency, verbal cues used by coaches and more! Tom has dedicated a significant amount of time researching the effectiveness of the jump float serve.

Tom Black Volleyball Coaching Advice for Serve Receive – See the Line, Create the Angle

Serving Focused Wash Continued, Serving and Passing and Coaching Advice. This series of videos contain a service focused wash drill followed by serving and passing, Tom Black sharing some coaching advice and finally the practice wrap up.

Tom Black Conversations from the Office P1 – Warm Up Reviewed

Tom Black conversation from the office – warm up reviewed. Coaching Insights Preview – Tom breaks down the reasons for his warm up style playing volleyball and not running in circles. How bands for the shoulder, patterns for blocking, sprawls and setting corners move away from routines and more toward game like situations.

Tom Black Conversations from the Office P1 – Weekly Goals Review and Pre Practice Debriefing Explained

This video contains a conversations from the office with Tom Black regarding practice 1 with LMU Women’s Volleyball Team. In the video Tom and Andor discuss how Tom came up with the process of setting weekly goals for the team and how they go about reviewing them and debriefing on those goals

Tom Black Conversations from the Office P1 – Sports Psychology and Serving Pressure

Conversations from the office with Tom Black from practice 1 where Tom and Andor discuss volleyball sports psychology and serving pressure. Also some great drills Tom does to increase serving pressure!

Tom Black Conversations from the Office P1 – Importance of Jump Float Serve in Women’s Volleyball

In this video Tom Black discusses his intensive research into the jump float serve and why it is the most effective serve is women’s college volleyball. This video is extremely interesting and all serious coaches should hear about the extensive research Tom has done around college and with the women’s national team on the subject.

Tom Black Volleyball Conversation from Office Practice 1 – Middle Hitters Tutor

Tom Black volleyball conversation from Office – Practice 1 – Middle Hitters Tutor drill. In this video Tom and Andor discuss the middle hitter tutor drill and its goals in practice.
Note: We have included videos of the drill in action below!

Tom Black Volleyball Conversation from Office Practice 1 – Hitters vs. Diggers Drill

In this video Tom Black reviews the hitters vs. diggers drills and also goes into details regarding “Reading the Game Concept” as well as shares verbal cues for coaching defense and reading the hitter. This is a great drill and you really get an opportunity to see the work Tom has done in this area with other volleyball coaching pioneers like Karch and Hugh. Enjoy!

Tom Black and LMU College NCAA Women’s Sand Volleyball Practice Plan 1

In this beach volleyball practice plan we filmed Tom Black and the LMU Lions Women’s NCAA Sand volleyball team. This practice along with the second practice in the series reveals a ton with regard to coaching NCAA Women’s Sand Volleyball.

Tom Black Sand Practice Plan 1 – Introduction and Warm Up

Tom Black Beach Practice Plan #1 – Part 1 of 5 – Practice introduction and review, followed by warmup, including 1 on 1 short court, off the net bump setting, and finally blocker training drill where the blocker decides whether to pull or block. These warm up drills once again demonstrates Tom focus on warm up drills that build skill.