Steve Anderson is the current head coach for Beach Volleyball Canada. Steve was the Olympic gold and bronze medalist coach in 2000 and 1996 with the Australian women’s beach team as well as coach of the FIVB co-team of the decade 1990-2000. In addition to playing in the AVP tour himself he has coached both indoor and outdoor volleyball for the past 20 years and is recognized by many as one of the top beach coaches in the world!

Beach Volleyball Setting with Steve Anderson – Video 5 Recovery

In video 5 on beach volleyball setting with Steve he discussed recovery. Like all skills recovery is needed between changing from one skill to the other. Like passing the 3 components of recovery is: Follow Through, Finish, Switch Roles.

Beach Volleyball Passing with Steve Anderson – Video 4 Play On the Ball

Steve Anderson in video 4 of beach volleyball passing talks about “Play on the ball”. This means how do we move and contact the ball. This video discusses your platform, follow through and keeping the ball mid line where possible.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Spiking for Beginners

Steve presents a series on spiking which is what every beginner wants to learn. In these videos everything is broken down and builds confidence with easy to understand instruction and drills.

1. The arm swing on the beach is unique and slightly different from indoor. Proper technique prevents injury and forms a base to work on.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Passing for Beginners

teve walks beginners step by step through instruction and drills on how to pass like the pros do. Easy to use verbal cues and examples are included to build confidence with game like situations.

1. Footwork progresses from the starting position to moving sideways, backward and forward with efficiency.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Serving for Beginners

teve presents a video series on serving specifically for beginners. This vast amount of coaching and drills build confidence by breaking down the mechanics and technique for all players to become effective servers.

1. Begin with the correct way to address the ball

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Blocking for Beginners

Steve walks through a video series on blocking for beginners on the beach. Height is not always needed and confidence is easily gained with coaching cues and drills that are easy to understand.

1. A blockers mentality is taught in a drill without ball so the blocker understands how active blocking is on the court.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Pulling for Beginners

Steve describes and demonstrates how to pull from the net when blocking. These videos show the easy and efficient way to properly pull off the net that has players build confidence quickly.

1. Staring position and balance with efficient footwork has players cover a large amount of ground when staying at the net.

Steve Anderson Beach Volleyball Defense for Beginners

Steve presents a full video series of playing defense on the beach for beginners. This series goes through the process for players and coaches to efficiently build skills and confidence quickly.

1. Defense starts with the player covering their half of the court and determining how many shots they can systematically cover.