Need Volleyball Practice Planning Help? Looking For Fresh Ideas and Drills?

23 Jan

So I started to be the ultimate volleyball resource and I am proud to say we offer an incredible library of over 17 full volleyball practice plans and growing at one low cost. On top of this with the addition of Volleyball Coaching Nightmares we also reveal and address many off the most common […]

Beach Volleyball Superman Scramble Defense Drill with Jason Lockhead

12 Dec

This is Jason Lockhead Beach Volleyball Superman Scramble Defense Drill. This drill helps with both technique as well as trains players to chase every ball. The drill is easy yet effective. The drill also will help players build a strong cardiovascular base.

Jason Lockhead Beach Volleyball Blocking Tips – Pushing with Non Dominant Hand, What to Do With Hands

12 Dec

In this video Jason Lockhead points out a common mistake most players make with their dominant vs. their non dominant hand when blocking. Its simple to fix and can have a huge impact but players need to be conscious of it and focus on it! In this video Jason also talks about what your hands […]

Jason Lockhead Beach Volley Defensive Mind Set Plus More Superman Defense Technique

12 Dec

This video features more of Jason Lockhead’s Superman Defense Technique plus insightful ideas to help players with what is the correct mindset when playing beach defense. This video again demonstrates that great teachers / coaches have the ability to simplify the game and focus on the positive things that matter. Jason demonstrates this in this […]

Beach Volleyball Superman Defensive Technique – Hand Down for Control / 2 Ball – Defense Drill

12 Dec

This video describes Jason Lockhead Superman Defense Technique. The technique involves you putting your non digging hand in the sand for more control so that you look like superman “Flying Pose” as you fly along the top of the sand. This technique was filmed while during practice while Jason was running a 2 ball beach […]

World Class 4 – Part Volleyball Plyometric Exercises / Workout / Training with Reid Hall (4 Videos)

11 Dec

New, World Class, 4 – Part Volleyball Plyometric Exercises / Workout with Reid Hall. These volleyball training exercises will address: Strength and power disparities from left and right side, How to land better, thus reducing knee injuries, How to jump higher when playing volleyball by increase your standing / approach jump vertical, How to move […]

12 9 14 – Update from South Africa, Frustrated and Disappointed!

09 Dec

Frustrated and Disappointed – So I moved to South Africa for a few months to coach and train looking to play in the FIVB this week in my home country and I am really disappointed in the progress. Not from my own lack of hard work and progress getting better, but rather circumstances and people […]

Where to Start When Training and Coaching a New Beach Volleyball Team / Partnership? Week 1!

02 Dec

I am in South Africa training to hopefully play in the FIVB event in a few weeks. So with that in mind and having only started training with my new partner 8 days ago, every day I ask the question: “What is the most important points to focus on today so that we can have […]

Triangle Warm Up Drill with Pedro Brazao – The Most Used Drill in Beach Volleyball

26 Nov

Triangle Warm Up Drill is the most used drill in beach volleyball. The drill works on two of the major skills, passing, setting and warming up players shoulders from hitting. The drill is also great for player spacing and communication. In this video Pedro Brazao takes the players through the drill and offers his own […]

Intermediate Dynamic Visual Skills and Drills for Volleyball with Bill and Ryan Harrison (5 Drills / Videos)

26 Nov

This is a series of 5 Intermediate Visual Drills and Skills we filmed with Bill and Ryan Harrison of Bill and Ryan are leaders and pioneer in the area of vision for sports. SlowTheGameDown, their company has been training elite hall of fame athletes for over 40 years. For Volleyball Bill has worked with […]

Common Match Play Volleyball Coaching Mistakes You Must Avoid

26 Nov

In our work with Dr. Bill Harrison (Sports Eye Doctor to Top Sports Stars) we have discovered humans cannot think and see at the same time! Yet many coaches ignore this fact and because of their own coaching styles and lack of knowledge about vision actually negatively impact their players on the court during matches.

The First Week With a New Partner and My Arrival in South Africa – 11 27 14

21 Nov

This is post is about my trip back to Africa as well as this being a volleyball website I thought I would start off with the most important things to work on when starting a new 2 person beach volleyball partnership as I see it. This is what I am doing with my new partner […]

Improve Serve Receive Reaction – Split Step Stretch Shortening Cycle

15 Nov

he speed of the serve in volleyball for both the jump float and the top spin jump serve has increased to the point that players have between 0.6 – 1.1 second to react from contact from serve to contact when passing on serve receive. Given this speed the need to improve player reaction on serve […]

Free, VB Rags ISLA II Mid Top Volleyball Shoe with Volleyball1on1 Gold Membership

15 Nov

Volleyball1on1 is excited to announce a new partnership with VBRags and the new VBRags ISLA II Mid Top Volleyball Shoe. As part of the partnership all new Volleyball1on1 Gold Members will receive a FREE PAIR of VBRags ISLA II Mid Top Volleyball Shoe. This shoe is the only MID TOP volleyball shoe on the market […]

The Biggest Mistakes Former Players Make When Coaching Youth

14 Nov

In this brutally honest no holds bar video we go through one of the biggest mistakes former players make when coaching and get honest about adjusting goals and expectations when coaching youth players. This is an insightful new look at WHY WE COACH and why we should coach. Our job as coaches is more then […]

King Kong’s Volleyball Spiking Demo With A Fast High Elbow (Serious Range)

13 Nov

For several years now I have heard from these so called volleyball arm-swing experts that the old ways of spiking a volleyball is not correct and that all players should change their arm-swing so that they can avoid shoulder injuries and spike the ball harder. I have always been very skeptical pointing out that shoulder […]

Club Volleyball Coaches. Do You Need Help with Stats and Video Storage?

12 Nov

Does Your Club Volleyball Team Need Help with Stats and Video? If so, check out Krossover. They’ll breakdown, stat-out and completely tag your matches so you don’t have to. Imagine never having to clip or stat any of your matches, on top of this imagine having a place to store unlimited match and practice video at […]

Full Volleyball Workout Series With Reid Hall (4 Videos)

30 Oct

Reid’s Workouts is producing some of the most physical and dynamic volleyball players. In this four part video series you will get access to a full workout that Reid Hall took a small group of 16 and 17 year old female volleyball players through. The four part series will cover the following:

Personalized 1 on 1 Professional Volleyball Workouts with Olympic Trainer Reid Hall

29 Oct

Do you want to receive workout programs from a coach that trains Olympic level volleyball players? Reid’s Workouts helps volleyball players reach their physical potential by creating workout programs that are designed for their specific needs.

Dynamic Visual Skills and Drills for Beginners – Static Drills with Bill and Ryan Harrison

24 Oct

This is the first of 5 Static Visual Drills and Skills we filmed with Bill and Ryan Harrison of Bill is a leader and pioneer in the area of vision for sports. SlowTheGameDown has been training athletes for over 40 years. From as early as George Brett (Baseball Hall of Fame) in 1971 to […]

Bill Harrison on Reading the Game

24 Oct

Reading the game is described by many coaches and players including Karch Kiraly and Hugh McCutcheon as the premier skill in volleyball. This video is the first video in a series of videos we filmed with Dr. Bill Harrison on vision and reading the game using vision. This video builds on ideas and concepts brought […]

Jason Lockhead Beach Volleyball Practice 1, 2014

23 Oct

In early 2014 Volleyball1on1 Owner Andor Gyulai filmed a beach volleyball practice with AVP and FIVB player and coach Jason Lockhead. Jason at age 30 is one of the youngest beach volleyball coaches we have ever filmed and also one of the most talented. For the practice we brought in 3 high level USA Beach […]

The Best Beach Volleyball Cart and Bag on the Market Reviewed

23 Oct

In this video Andor Gyulai reviews the new beach Volleyball Cart by Some unique impressive features of this cart: – It is a bag and a cart in one. This makes it easy for coaches and players. – It has a hole so that you don’t take the beach home with you.

Defense Drill, 2 Blocks Then a Line or Cut Hit to The Defender with Jason Lockhead

22 Oct

This defense drill is focused on players starting position of defense and not leaning as this can make it extremely difficult to change directions. This is a simple drill where the coach hits 3 balls, two balls for the blockers and 1 ball for the defender behind the block. The hits to the defender start […]

Pass, Set, Cover Hit, Set Hit Warm Up Beach Volleyball Drill with Jason Lockhead

22 Oct

This is another great warm up drill which focuses on covering the hitter as well as lifting the ball after you cover the hit and getting back and ready to spike. This drill works on allot of beach skills that are often ignored but by doing it during the warm up it allows the players […]

Beach Volleyball Self Setting Square Drill with Jason Lockhead

22 Oct

This is a great warm up setting drill with Jason Lockhead, AVP and FIVB Player / Coach. This drill is designed for high level volleyball players but can be modified to make it easier or harder and you see how Jason does this, making the drill much harder as the players progress through it.

Does Your Volleyball Team Need Help with Stats and Video?

22 Oct

If so, check out Krossover. They’ll breakdown, stat-out and completely tag your matches so you don’t have to. Imagine never having to clip or stat any of your matches, or having to hire an assistant for film review. Simply upload your film to Krossover and let them break it down for you, like your own […]

The Game is Changing. Are You? – James Puliatte

18 Oct

As coaches we can be stubborn, we like to run the same rotations in tight situations, we like to rely on the same hitter when we need a quick point, and we tend to stick to a very specific routine. Why? Because it works. Why? Because if it’s not broken why fix it right? Wrong. […]

Mental Challenge Standing Shot Game Skill Building Warm Up Drill with Jason Lockhead

17 Oct

This is an incredibly fun and challenging beach volleyball drill that will warm up players, improve skills, improve team communication and finally get players heads in the game of volleyball. The drill felt next too impossible when it started but by the time it finished all 4 players were juiced and excited for what was […]