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Recently Added Drills

  • Body Blade for Shoulder Warm Up

    Brent Mentz – Body Blade Shoulder Warm Up, 9 Taps and Reach and Soft Press for Spinal Stability

    This video contains a number of warm up and work out drills used by USC Men's and Women's Volleyball to get ready for practice and matches. This includes: Body Blade Shoulder Warmup, 9 Tap and Reach RDL, and Soft Press for Spinal Stability.

  • Conversations from the Office - Standard Volleyball Drill

    Conversations from the Office – Standard Volleyball Drill

    This video features a conversations from the office with Wes Schneider on the Standard Drill. The drill is used for 6 on 6 game like situations instead of just playing a game to 25. What it allows the teams to do is focus on just defense or just offense while still playing balls out and working and playing out of transition.

  • Conversations from the Office - Volleyball Exchange Drill

    Conversations from the Office – Volleyball Exchange Drill

    This video features the conversation from the office regarding the volleyball exchange drill. The point of this drill is to warm up the players while still building skills and working on movement in transition. With the increased speed of the game transition movement has become more and more important.

  • Conversations from the Office - Volleyball Tennis Drill

    Conversations from the Office – Volleyball Tennis Drill

    In this video Wes and Andor talk about the volleyball tennis drill. This is a drill Wes likes to run at the start of practice to warm his players up. The drill also works on several skills including ball control, passing, movement, and reading. Also Wes like the drill because it sets a good tone for practice and gets his players competing early.

  • Wes Schneider - Tough Swings Volleyball Drill - Round 2

    Wes Schneider – Tough Swings Volleyball Drill – Round 2

    Round 2 of the tough swings drill from earlier. This video sequence includes more verbal cues from the coaches as well as watching the opposites now run the drill. As stated earlier Wes runs this drill to help his attackers deal with a defense that they are not used to particularly on a bad pass where the defense knows the ball is going to the outside.

  • Wes Schneider - Servers vs. Passers Volleyball Drill - Round 2

    Wes Schneider – Servers vs. Passers Volleyball Drill – Round 2

    This is round 2 of the servers verses passers drill. This drill obviously works on serving and passing for the team. Add on to traditional serving and passing include the coach on the box entering in a second ball after the serve. This is done to increase the number of reps for the players plus have a controlled situation where coaches can work on specific things for the passers.

  • Wes Schneider - Standard Drill - Video 1

    Wes Schneider – Standard Volleyball Drill

    This post contains 2 videos from Wes Schneider's Standard Drill. How is a 6 on 6 drill where the goal is to have the offense side out at 70% while the defense scores at 50%. If for some reason the offense scores higher than 70% this becomes the standard that the other team needs to now side out at and obviously how you drill gets its name.

  • Wes Schneider - Tough Swings Volleyball Drill - Round 1

    Wes Schneider – Tough Swings Volleyball Drill – Round 1

    This video features Wes Schneider running the tough swings volleyball drill. Wes run this drill to simulate the tough situations, particularly the tough and large block his hitters will face in matches competing in the NCAA MPSF division. In this volleyball drill for hitters, his spikers have to hit against his 2 biggest blockers where the blockers know the ball is going to the hitter. (Hitter gets 4 out 5 sets!)

  • Wes Schneider - Servers vs. Passers Volleyball Drill - Round 1

    Wes Schneider – Servers vs. Passers Volleyball Drill – Round 1

    The next drill is servers verses passers drill. The drill consist of a serve followed up by an additional ball from a coach hitting on a box in order to increase the number of repetitions.

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  • Youth Volleyball Camps

    Orange County, California – Youth Beach Volleyball Camps with Ed Ratledge

    Volleyball1on1 is excited to announce that long time Volleyball1on1 Instructor will continue to host youth beach volleyball camps in Orange County. Ed a long time beach and AVP Beach Volleyball professional has built a good reputation as hosting once of the best beach volleyball camps in California for youth players. The camps occur all summer long and take place Monday - Friday 9 am till Noon. Ages are 7-16 both boys and girls. For more details contact Ed and his wonderful staff below!

    Beach Volleyball Camps
    Season: All summer long, late June-August
    Day/Time: Mon-Fri 9-noon
    Ages: 7-16 with different camps for different ages

  • Ed-Ratledge-Volleyball

    Orange County California Adult Volleyball Classes

    Orange Country California volleyball classes

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    December 2, 2013 - Welcome Volleyball1on1.com new site. Moving over 1500 videos and organizing it is a challenge and we ask you to please be patient as we transition over to our new site! All our current volleyball content, including volleyball videos, volleyball, drills, volleyball practice plans and more, should be posted on the new site by Christmas.