Beach volleyball defense and defensive advice and information, including tips for reading the games when playing defense, how to fake out your opponents, how to play line, middle and angle defense, how to run down shots, hot to dig hard driven balls and much much more. Advice and information is offered by some of beach volleyballs greatest defenders including Sinjin Smith, Eric Fonoimoana and Stein Metzger to name just a few.

Alicia Zamparelli Beach Volleyball Up

Keeping the ball up on your side of the net leads to points being scored. Alicia goes through six of her favorite drills to keep the ball up.
One arm digs are a necessity and perfected with practice. Chicken wings are best you use a flat surface to contact the ball.

Anthony Medel Beach Volleyball Defense

Anthony gives a full insiders look at how to become a top defender on the beach. His easy to understand, step by step instructions include the following.
1. Get into position by not watching the serve, be ready and relaxed.
2. Keep the body in good position and ready to go dig the ball in any direction.

Eric Fonoimoana Beach Volleyball Defense

Defense wins championships. Eric presents a series of videos on defense that led him to the ultimate prize, an Olympic gold medal.

1. Begin by positioning on the sand with the feet and arms in the correct location.
2. Using correct footwork to run down a shot with minimal steps increases speed.

Alicia Zamparelli the Pokey in Beach Volleyball

The perfect pokey and how it is done is shown by Alicia in this video series. Every player must have this move in their arsenal.

1. What the pokey is and a drill to get started
2. How to use the pokey on defense
3. Quickly adjust when the ball is hit easy and the hands are already up high