Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Middle 1 Hitting

08 Dec

The middle front one ball is a very fast attack meant to beat the blocker with quickness and speed. Jeff talks about and demonstrates the correct form for this attack.


1. The middle one can start in several areas on the court. From position four work hard moving to the middle while keeping the passer and the setter in view at all times.
2. Swing the arms all the way back on the approach. On the way up extend the opposite arm all the way up to maximize the jump for greater range and power.
3. The approach can start from several positions. Watch the pass and track the ball with the first step toward the attack.
4. Comparatively the outside arm swing is long and big while the middle swing is short and fast. Don’t go for crushing the ball but use a quick snap at the top of the swing.
5. The field of vision will naturally find what is available to hit around the block. Usually the deep corners are the best place to hit past the block.
6. Several shots are available by picking the ball off quick or wait for the ball to come across the body and snap it cross court.


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