2014, USC Men’s Volleyball Practice, Post Practice Lifting, Q and A, with Bill Ferguson, Jeff Nygaard, Cam Green

This post contains a full USC Men’s volleyball practice, start to finish, plus post practice lifting / workout session, plus full video review with questions and answers regarding every drill, practice coaching philosophy and more. The coaches include USC volleyball coaching staff; Bill Ferguson, Jeff Nygaard, and Cam Green.

Bill Ferguson – Passing Tutor for Spin Serves

The practice theme of the day is “Tell the Truth Monday”, what this means is the team reviews videos and looks for individual and team weaknesses that they can work on. The coaches then often add specific skill building drills called “Tutor Drills” to improve on those skills that need work. This video contains a tutor drill the coaches are running to fix and improve passing off spin serves.

Bill Ferguson USC Men’s Volleyball Program, History and Facilities

The USC Men’s Volleyball Program has one of the richest traditions and some of the best facilities of any male volleyball program in the country. In this series of videos you will get an in depth look at some of the things that makes USC not only a great volleyball program, but one of the best college sports programs in the country.

Bill Ferguson on Cover of Volleyball Mag

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Bill On Coaching Volleyball

In this video Bill Ferguson talks about his journey to becoming a head volleyball coach and the people and lessons he learned along the way. This video is a great for players and coaches alike and offer wonderful insights and perspective into the sport.

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Volleyball Coaching Influences

In this next video Bill Ferguson talks about his unique coaching influences and how they impact all aspects of coaching particularly how he runs practice. Most viewers will find this video interesting from the perspective of how football and USC football has influenced Bills coaching.

Bill Ferguson USC Volleyball Practice Introduction

Great video of Bill Ferguson introducing the USC practice! What I like about this video is you see how Bill explains the entire practice in advance and gets the players involved with the practice. Also you see how Bill outlines team and some individual goals relating them back to the practice and how players need to improve in specific areas!

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Football Influences

This video contains more details on how football and USC football influences Bills Coaching Philosophy. Another great video for coaches to help them improve how they develop their students and team as well as how to run a successful practice and program. Also this contains some great information on verbal cues and how visual imagery used in football.

USC Volleyball Facilities and Tour with Bill Ferguson

This Volleyball Defense Drill is for defensive players and teaching them to stay in zone 6 during a play. The USC Men’s Volleyball Program some of the best facilities of any program in the country. In this all access pass we are going to take you inside USC Men’s Locker Room and show you arguably the best Men’s Volleyball Facilities in the country.