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Logan presents a series of volleyball tips. These videos talk about the best tips used to reach the highest levels of the game.


1. On defense watch the hitter to see if the ball is behind their head. When it is prepare to chase down a line shot.
2. The jump serve toss each player needs to develop what works for them. In my instance a quicker toss rather than a high one is best.
3. Confidence will virtually guarantee improvement in a players game where lack of confidence tends to throw a player off.
4. Basics and technique gets players through tight situations in games because it takes a players mind off of outside factors.
5. No negative movement means no wasted effort and being efficient as possible.


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Logan Tom Volleyball Tips Video 1



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Logan Tom Volleyball Tips Video 2

Logan Tom Volleyball Tips Video 3

Logan Tom Volleyball Tips Video 4

Logan Tom Volleyball Tips Video 5


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