Logan was arguably the #1 indoor volleyball player in the world from 2007-2011. She started playing for the USA national team at the age of 16. She was the Co-Captain of the US National team in 2012 at the Olympics and is a 4 year time all American player at Stanford with 1 NCAA title and MVP title. In 2008 Logan was the Olympics highest points scorer for women’s volleyball.

Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching

Logan talks about coaching. This series of videos tell about how coaches have made Logan and others the players they are today.

1. Rebounding refers to getting a soft block that puts the ball up in the air so the defenders can more easily pass it. Getting a second chance to play the ball over is advantageous especially for shorter teams.

Logan Tom Volleyball Jump Serve

From 2003- 2013 Logan Tom was one of the most successful female volleyball jump servers in the world. In this video Logan instructs and coaches how to do a volleyball jump serve.