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Logan talks about coaching. This series of videos tell about how coaches have made Logan and others the players they are today.


1. Rebounding refers to getting a soft block that puts the ball up in the air so the defenders can more easily pass it. Getting a second chance to play the ball over is advantageous especially for shorter teams.
2. Back to the basics are very valuable for close matches. Drills that are practiced for hours each day allow players to be comfortable in close matches when they have done the moves many times before.
3. Less is more, especially when a player is tired. Coaches remind players there is more than one way to accomplish a goal. A blocker can be beaten rather than overpowered or a quicker arm swing instead of jumping very high are alternatives.
4. Don’t dwell on the past when an error is made by beating yourself up, it can affect the next play. Forget about the past and move on by saying “next play”.
5. Mind over matter is not the easiest to do and involves pushing the body to a different level. The mind can tell the body to keep going. This is not something that should be done all the time but when it is important.


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Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching Video 1



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Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching Video 2

Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching Video 3

Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching Video 4

Logan Tom Volleyball Coaching Video 5


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