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Logan demonstrates a video series of passing drills. This series is geared for beginners to see how pro players work on fundamentals to stay sharp on the court.

1. The eyes drill starts by drawing the numbers 1-6 on each side of the ball. Have a partner toss a ball to the player. The player is to call out the number they see on the bottom of the ball when the pass is made.
2. Ball through the legs is a drill that builds good footwork. The player moves to the ball and has it bounce between their legs without actually passing it.
3. The platform drill is extremely simple and effective. The player has a partner throw the volleyball slightly aggressively. The player passes the ball back to the target with a good strong platform.
4. Outside the body requires two people as well. The is thrown at outside the body line forcing the player to drop their shoulders at an angle to send the ball to the target.
5. Back and forth works on foot movement by having the ball thrown over the players head then short in front of them. This forces the player to move quickly to make a good pass to the target.

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Logan Tom Volleyball Passing Drills Video 1

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Logan Tom Volleyball Passing Drills Video 2

Logan Tom Volleyball Passing Drills Video 3

Logan Tom Volleyball Passing Drills Video 4

Logan Tom Volleyball Passing Drills Video 5


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