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Middle Blocker Volleyball Defense Drills for Area 5. As part of Bill Ferguson’s ongoing goals one area he puts particular focus on is team defense and ball control. As a result of this his team has consistently ranked in the top 5 in the MPFS for digs per game.

This volleyball drill highlights this focus by showing the work the coaching staff does with the middle hitters working on their defense in area 5.

This is a great simple drill that is extremely effective and that can also be used for beginners. What you will notice Jeff doing is based upon the defenders dynamic position meaning if their feet are in line with each other or if they have one foot slightly in front of the other Jeff will tip or hit. The goal is always on defense to have one foot slightly in front of the other so that it is easy to move forward when the ball is tipped.

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Note: We included the “conversation from the office” where this middle blocker defense drill is discussed.

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