Beach volleyball setting technique, secrets and advice. Helpful resources to help with beach volleyball setting. This includes beach volleyball setting rules, your approach, your footwork, your hand position, your arm and body position and where you are looking when you set your partner. Also information on how to help your partner with their spiking using different sets and strategies to help them better see the block and defense when going up to spike and hit.

Eric Fonoimoana Beach Volleyball Bump Setting

Eric learned on the beach how to bump set and now presents a series of videos showing how to master this skill. Valuable insight on how to use the bump set properly is explained from the 2000 Olympic gold medalist.
1. Start in the correct stance by getting the platform out early and level to the ground.

Alicia Zamparelli the Pokey in Beach Volleyball

The perfect pokey and how it is done is shown by Alicia in this video series. Every player must have this move in their arsenal.

1. What the pokey is and a drill to get started
2. How to use the pokey on defense
3. Quickly adjust when the ball is hit easy and the hands are already up high