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Another great volleyball warm up, the reading butterfly drill, forces the players to focus on reading the game. How this drill works is players call out what they are seeing. So for example you will hear the players calling:
Ball – all of the players first watch the pass coming off the serve receivers arms judging the type of pass.
Setter – the blockers and defenders are now watching the setter to read where the set is going.
Ball – the blockers and defenders are reading the location of the set.
Hitter – the blockers and defenders now focus on the hitters arm to read where the spike is going.

The reading butterfly drill forces players to always pay attention to what they are seeing and where they are looking on the court.

The video on this drill is:

  1. Warm Up Volleyball Drill – Reading Butterfly Drill

This post also includes the conversation from the office where Dan and Andor discuss the drill.

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