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The warm up 20 20 28 volleyball drill is one of our all time favorites. What this drill does is focus on both underhand and overhand ball control. For underhand the players get to pass, bump set and play defense. For overhand the players get to tip, set, roll hit and hit.

This is a great non traditional way for the players to warm up their spiking / hitting arms. This gives them real time practice on the net. Dan Says: “If you want your players to be good at tipping you need to practice tipping!” This drill forces the players to get good at tipping and defending the tip shot!

Verbal ques as a coach include ‘tip over the block’ and ‘attack the tip on the way up’!

The drill in this case is run for 7 1/2 minutes or when the team hits the numbers! In this case its 20 tips, 20 standing roll shots, 28 jumping roll shots! The players start over with each skill skill they are working. When they get to 20 on tipping, they go to 20 on standing roll shots. If they miss the 19th of 20 on standing roll shots, they go back to zero for standing roll shots. They do not go back to zero on tip shots. The drill ends when the players get 20 tip shots, 20 standing roll shots and 28 jumping roll shots.

Note: Dan encourages you to use different numbers for different levels of skill, time in the season and player positions. So for example liberos, setters and outsides are expected to have higher numbers than middles. Also high school players will have lover numbers than college players.

We also did this drill with Dan coaching some high school players. Also we filmed a video where Dan discussed the drill, which is included below.

The video in this drill is:

  1. Warm Up Volleyball Drill – 20 20 28 Volleyball Drill

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