Information about Velocity Sports Performance

Here at Volleyball1on1 we feel Velocity Sports Performance – Newport Mesa offers one of the best workout facilities with some of the best trainers available for volleyball anywhere. In this video you will find out a little more about Velocity Sports Performance and working with their expert trainers. If you have questions and would like a personal testimonial from Andor Gyulai the owner of volleyball1on1 on working with them contact us!

Core Exercises – Landmine Press – Strength and Power Portion of Velocity Workout 3

This video features another great core full body workout exercise for volleyball. This exercise namely landmine press works both the core and upper body to help athletes and trainers maximize the use of time while in the gym.

RDL and Core, Anti Rotation Stability – Strength and Power Portion of Velocity Workout 3

This video contains two of our favorite exercises for volleyball, RDL’s (Romanian Dead lift) and anti rotation core stability training. What we like about RDL is that it is one of the best exercises to build hamstrings, one of the most critical muscles for jumping and volleyball. As for the core anti rotation stability exercise, we love this exercise as what we hear from many of our top athletes is that this is one of the most important factors for injury prevention when spiking.

Hang Power Snatch Exercise and Ankle Mobility- Strength and Power Portion of Velocity Workout 3

This video contains two exercises, the hang power snatch and an ankle mobility exercise. This video is over 15 minutes long and as such will be a little slower to download. This video gets extremely detailed on teaching a hang power snatch to athletes and uses progressive steps to have success.

Strength and Power Portion of Velocity Workout 3 Explained

In this video, Velocity Sports Performance Coach – Chase Cameron explains our goals for the next portion of the workout, the strength and power portion. This video will give you not only an insight into how this workout is designed but also how Velocity designs their weekly workout plan which generally consist of 3 workouts a week. A linear day, a jump / landing day and a multi-directional day.

Cone and Ball Drill Exercise for Movement Portion – Velocity Workout 3 – Multi-Directional

This video is a progression from the previous cone drill as now a ball is added to the exercise to make it more dynamic and volleyball game like. This forces the athletes to concentrate in new ways and use other skills to perform the exercise.

Cone Drill Exercise for Movement Portion – Velocity Workout 3 – Multi-Directional

his video contains a cone drill for the multi- directional movement portion of the workout. what we like about this exercise is that it is volleyball specific and can easily be modified or adjusted to meet your players unique needs. Also it is added straight to the workout so your athletes are learning volleyball specific movements while training and improving athletic performance.

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching Explained by Chase Cameron of Velocity Fitness

In this video Chase Cameron, Velocity Sports Perseverance Coach explains the difference between Static and dynamic stretching and when each type of stretching should be used and why. This video offers a good quick explanation and is a must see for any player, coach or trainer who does not fully understand the subject and the impact on volleyball athletic performance.

Movement Portion – Velocity Workout 3 – Multi-Directional

This video contains exercises for the movement portion of velocity workout 3 – multi directional workout. The ability for volleyball athletes to move successfully in all directions is critical for volleyball defense especially beach volleyball defense.

Pogo Volleyball Exercise Drills – Velocity Workout 3 – Multi-Directional

The pogo volleyball exercise drill is a great drill that accomplishes multiple task including, warming up athletes, increasing linear and multi-directional speed, and improving athletes vertical jump.

Thermogenic Warm Up – Velocity Workout 3 – Multi-Directional (2 Videos)

Volleyball thermogenic warm up’s are a good way to get ready for most volleyball related activity including lifting, training, sprinting, workouts and of course playing volleyball. Thermogenesis is a process in which the body generates heat. In exercise-induced thermogenesis, the body creates heat to warm up the muscles because warm muscles work better and more efficiently.