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26 Jan

Volleyball Indoor ServeHoning your volleyball indoor jump serve, Mike Diehl teaches you the perfect indoor jump serve.

Mike Diehl was an NCAA National Champion at UCLA in ’93 and followed it up with a 15 year indoor pro European career in 20 different countries. 4 times he was the league MVP and the most feared hitter. On the beach his pro debut was at the ’96 Manhattan Beach qualifier with Stein Metzger. He followed up his debut by becoming a star on the Bud Light 4-man pro beach volleyball tour.

Mike holds the record for the longest indoor professional career, and attributes this to his relentless work ethic, pursuit of advanced training, and dedication to success. Mike’s lifelong motto “play like a champion” is the key to his success both on and off the volleyball court.

Volleyball Indoor Jump Serve Explained

Indoor volleyball is one of the most competitive and tactically demanding sports in the world. Both teams on either side of the net are always looking to overpower, outmaneuver, out think, and just plain out play one another…and once the ball is in the air, every single one of these factors is in the air with it. That is why it is often essential to start with a properly executed jump serve with incredibley power and flight to send your opponents scattering. Mike Diehl has mastered how to serve a volleyball jump serve, and in his video takes you step by step through what you will need to know to develop just such a powerful serve.

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  1. Dana June 15, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    Hello, I would have liked to see your arm swing, the arch and height on the toss etc…your entire “hit” is out of range of the camera. Are you adding extra spin on contact or just with the toss? Thanks! Dana

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