How To Pass a Volleyball

26 Feb

how to pass a volleyballLearning how to pass a volleyball is very important, a great pass is the start to a great kill! Hi, I’m Eric Fonoimoana, Olympic gold medal champion at the 2000 games in Sydney, Australia! I have been a professional volleyball player for 18 years with 18 wins on the AVP tour.

In 2000 I started Dig 4 Kids, a charity that teaches kids the importance of exercise and education.

My career began when I was named MVP at UC Santa Barbara, and have earned the highest awards including MVP honors and 2 Manhattan beach open titles. The simplicity of how to pass a volleyball has enabled me to accomplish all of this.

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Enjoy these following six videos to learn how to perfect your pass!


When passing a volleyball, your positioning is key. Always be aware of where the endline and backline are compared to you. You and your partner should decide before the serve who will be covering the middle so that there is no confusion during the game.


When playing volleyball the positioning of where your arms should be is very important in passing. I recommend always keeping your arms out in front of you so that you are prepared for anything and can easily locate the ball and make the pass.


Communication is key in any sport but especially when passing in volleyball. Being able to communicate with your partner on who will cover the middle and where the ball is going will help lead you to a win. By communicating you are making it so there is little to no confusion while on the court and you are able to cover more ground in less time.


Location is very important when learning how to pass a volleyball; it allows you and your partner to determine who will cover what when there is a serve that is in between both you and your partner. You will also want to position yourself so that your opponents have no choice but to serve the ball to where you like it, closing off your weak spots.

Warm Up

When warming up for game time it is important that you have your partner throw the ball to you and you practice passing to them perfectly. This gives you an opportunity to perfect your pass so that during game time your pass is flawless.


When preparing for a game, a drill that I find to be very helpful is when my partner throws the ball to my weak spot forcing me to practice and become comfortable with covering those spots when passing.

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