Volleyball Spiking Drills – Defense to Hitting Transition

15 Mar

This is great easy drill that can be used to focus on and individual players defense and spiking or multiple outside hitters defense and transition to spiking. This drill can be done with just one player or as a team with multiple players.

Keys to Success

Volleyball Drills for Spiking - Defense to Hitting Transition
1)      Good blocking to defense transition footwork.

2)      Calling for the ball and focus on a settable ball from defense.

3)      Successfully transitioning outside the court to be ready to approach and spike.

4)      Focusing on good form in the spike.

Volleyball Drills Spiking Overview

Time: 3-15 minutes
# Players: 1-14
Balls: 2 or more
Skills: Defense, passing, spiking, and transition spiking
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
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Objective: Use repetition to practice from defense to offense. Work on players ability to pull of the net effectively and play defense and then move outside the court for a full approach.


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