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Wes Schneider - Standard Drill - Video 1This post contains 2 videos from Wes Schneider’s Standard Drill. How is a 6 on 6 drill where the goal is to have the offense side out at 70% while the defense scores at 50%. If for some reason the offense scores higher than 70% this becomes the standard that the other team needs to now side out at and obviously how you drill gets its name.

This drill is really a very traditional 6 on 6 drill with the normal scoring and defense goals however with a small twist of potentially “Setting a new higher standard” for the other team.

Standard Drill - Assistant Coach Allan Vince, ObservationsThese two videos also contain valuable information and verbal cues on volleyball blocking and reading the game. This makes this video a must watch for all middle blockers as Vince (UCLA Volleyball Star) shares some extremely valuable information on blocking. Click Here – For more instruction on the skill of indoor volleyball blocking technique.


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