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09 Feb

Hi! I’m Logan Tom, my quick bio is that I’m a three time Olympian while being the co captain to the upcoming London Olympic games in 2012. In the Beijing Olympics I was the overall points leader for women. I started playing on the US National team when I was 15 years old and also won a national championship at Stanford being an all American. In the videos below I will show you what’s available at my volleyball camps.

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Video 1

In my volleyball camps you will learn all the basics including how to deal with the enormous pressure volleyball can bring upon you. I will teach you what got me through tough situations and hopefully that can help you get through your struggles.

Video 2

At my camp you will learn the basics and fundamentals needed to play the game. These are the most important aspects of volleyball because you can always rely on them.

Video 3

Everything you learn at my camp you will be able to apply to anywhere, you can take home with you or to the gym. There will also be surprise guests that include some of my teammates.

Video 4

You will learn the all around skills its takes to become an all around volleyball player like me.

Video 5

My camps are more personal with less players to give you the attention you need.

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  1. Mary Hannah March 9, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    I am interested in a camp with Logan Tom- I am a junior in High school and consider myself a utility player. I would like to find out more about her camps or other camps where my skills can be improved upon at this crucial time in my volleyball career.

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