Steve Anderson Coaching the Overhand Volleyball Serve

26 Feb

overhand volleyball serveThe overhand volleyball serve is a fundamental skill in volleyball, every good volleyball player knows how to perform one back and forth. Today I’m going to talk about this crucial serve and how best to learn and coach it.

Hi Everyone, my name is Steve Anderson and I’m an Olympic gold medal winning volleyball coach. I coached the woman’s Australian Olympic volleyball team to victory in Sydney Australia in 2000, and I also won a bronze medal in 1996 in Atlanta. I didn’t even pick up a volleyball until I was 21 and was off and running.

Like all good volleyball players…I began with the basics. Today I’m going over the overhand volleyball serve.

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The overhand volleyball serve or float serve is a beginner move that once mastered can give you a considerable edge on the volleyball court. In this video, assisted in no small part by AVP pro Eddie Stokes, I go over the float serve from start to finish, everything you need to know to perform an effective overhand volleyball serve.

  • Proper foot positioning
  • Subconscious techniques for making the serve more of a reaction than a conscious move
  • The importance of the arm swing in the serve
  • The actual physics of a serve

Overhand Volleyball Serve Revealed

I know…I know, it sounds a lot more complicated than it is. But if you know the physics and the mechanics behind the serve, then it will greatly assist you when it comes time to use it on the court.

The overhand serve is just that…an overhand arm swing into the plane that you create by tossing the ball up and then coming into it and pushing it over the net. Unlike the arm swing that you use for a spike, you are not coming down on top of the ball trying to hit the ball down, quite different in fact. As you see I cover a lot of topics in a short period of time.

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