Eric Fonoimoana Beach Volleyball Spiking

02 Dec

Olympic gold medalist Eric Fonoimoana presents his series on spiking and sideing out every single time. Known as a powerful attacker Eric tells how he became prolific in scoring points.


1. Prepare and sell the hit by always being aggressive on the jump.
2. A higher vertical is achieved by swinging the arms back on the approach then swinging the arms up to get out of the sand quicker.
3. Scout out the opponents defense before the spike to get the kill.
4. Use the proper technique by keeping the ball in front and hips and shoulders square to the ball.
5. Never be accountable for a bad set. Do work with your partner to make them better.
6. Run this hitting drill from multiple positions on the court for a higher kill percentage.


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Eric Fonoimoana Beach Volleyball Spiking Video 1



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