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3 Chance Siding Out Drill – This part of practice focuses on block defense and siding out. Both drills offer real life examples and lots of reps.

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Blocking Defense and Sideout Drill Video 1 – Players are split into 2 courts working on blocking defense and siding out.

Court 1 is on blocking. Starts with an easy chip toss then a second “virus” ball. The “virus” ball players can do whatever they want to send the ball over on one hit. Here the blocker and defender work on knowing what both are doing by communicating and not running into each other.

Court 2 is on siding out. Starts with a server then toss in two easy balls to the defense. The defense just sends the ball over while the offense has to sideout.

Blocking Defense and Sideout Drill Video 4 – Different angle of new teams.

Blocking Defense and Sideout Drill Video 5 – Coaches review the drill and explain how the competition part of the practice will be run.


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