Easy Taping Technique For Volleyball Shoulder Injuries to Reduce Load from Volleyball Spiking

23 Jun

In this video we offer a easy taping technique for reducing load as a result of spiking a volleyball. This technique is so easy parents, partners and coaches can do it without to much difficulty.
For the tape we are using Bionic Tape by Dynamic Tape. This tape is different than KTape / Kinesio Tape and offers a new tool for volleyball players, coaches and trainers to deal with traditional volleyball injuries.
How this tape works is it acts as an elastic band / bungee cord which means it can be used to reduce or create load. The tape stretches well over 200% and in all directions unlike Kinesio Tape. Thus when applied correctly the tape can be used to absorb force from spiking and reduce the stresses on the body. Uses include recovery, stabilization as well as additional support during periods of overuse such as during a tournament. Once applied the tape can last as long as several days without needing to be reapplied.
Other uses of the tape include: all traditional and non traditional volleyball injuries, plus the correcting of volleyball form and technique. Using tape to correct form is a new use of the tape and we have filmed several detailed videos on the subject here at volleyballl1on1.com.

This is a followup video with more info on Dynamic Bionic Bungee Tape. Get a free sample with Volleyball1on1 Gold & Platinum Membership.

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