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The launching of “Volleyball1on1 Smart Sessions,” is a major milestone for us and took almost 3 weeks of work by my team and I before we got it right. What each volleyball1on1 smart session entails is combining the best of other volleyball coach’s practices, into and advance multi-media platform that can be used live, in practice, to improve any coach’s practice.

This multi-media platform is fully interactive meaning instructional videos, video drill demos, drill flash diagrams and more can be watch live from any online or mobile device including phone, IPAD or computer. This is especially helpful for new coaches, as they would just click the Orange button below and the video will pop up on their online mobile devise.

What this does is give new coaches an easy way to introduce new volleyball concepts, drills and strategies into their practice without the fear of getting it wrong. Volleyball1on1 Smart Sessions also include coaching instruction on what to “call out,” and “how to explain drills as they relate to overall team purpose.” This is an important add-on as it accelerates player’s learning curves and improves players interest and participation.

Additionally each Volleyball1on1 Smart Session references instructional volleyball videos specific to the skill the team is working on. So for example; let’s say the smart session is focused on Volleyball Passing, you can have the players watch live streaming video of Logan Tom, (#1 Female Indoor Volleyball Player in the world, winner of the 2010 FIVB Best Passer Awarded) demonstrate perfect technique on how pass and receive serve! Obviously this is a big help and can massively improve player performance and engagement.

Currently we have other top coach’s ready to film and our goal is to launch one new Volleyball1on1 Smart Session and practice plan every two weeks!


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