Volleyball1on1 Camp Bonuses

The goal behind offering bonuses with our camps is to offer more value. Our bonuses are designed to support you and your players while fostering your players’ love for the game.

Volleyball1on1 Regular Camp Bonuses (Valued at $5500.00 +)

As a bonus, we offer high schools and / or clubs who secure a camp date to work with Volleyball1on1 extra goodies valued at over $5500.00 for your players and coaches, including:

6 Month Volleyball1on1 Silver Membership (Valued at $149.00 Per Coach or Player)

All coaches and players will each receive a six-month Silver Volleyball1on1.com video tutorial subscription membership. This membership includes access to Volleyball1on1 2500 video library of instructional videos, drills, exercises, workouts, online demo, online classes and more.

Volleyball1on1 Outdoor / Beach Volleyballs (Valued at $34.95 Per Coach or Player)

All coaches and players will each receive a Volleyball1on1 branded outdoor / beach volleyball. This ball is very similar to the AVP Wilson 4308, the most popular outdoor volleyball in the United States. Our goal is to help players build a love not just for the indoor game, but the beach game as well, which is an excellent way to train for the indoor season.

6 Months of Ongoing Email, Phone and Message Support (Valued at $497.00)

Coaches who run high school Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps will receive on-going phone and email support with Andor Gyulai over the course of their season on an as-needed basis. Described by some coaches as the most valuable service we offer, we will help you manage issues – parent challenges, drill variety and planning, etc. – as they arise throughout the year.

Video Analysis - High School Match Review By Andor Gyulai (Valued at $297.00 / Per Video Review)

Our ongoing video analysis has resulted in, on average, a difference of 3-5 points per set. After three reviews, this improvement jumps to 5-10 points per set. Over the course of the season, these numbers will have a massive impact.

Our video analysis covers a broad range of topics. See more details on what we cover here!

We also help coaches with scouting during the playoffs, helping you to gameplan specifically for your upcoming opponent, giving you the best possible chance to win!

300+ Page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual (Valued at $125.00 Per Manual)

Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual to all volleyball high school coaching staff.
This is the most complete youth coaching manual we have seen on the market, and it is tailored specifically for high school and youth coaching. We understand that coaching youth, particularly with players ranging in skill levels and motivation, is a difficult endeavor, and we make that easier with our Coaching Manual.

Coaches who run camps with us tell us their Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual is the most valuable coaching resource they own.

30 Full Volleyball1on1 Practice Plans (Valued at $200.00 Per Coach or Player)

The ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills in coaching. An effective practice maximizes repetition while placing the players in competitive, game-like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback.

Volleyball1on1’s 30, pre-planned practices will build your team and teach players vital life lessons while creating a space where players can have fun and enjoy time with their friends.

These practices are organized chronologically based upon skill importance and team needs. We also sit down with coaches and review the practice planning schedule using these 30 practices and help you tailor the practice schedule based upon your team’s and players’ unique needs.

Volleyball1on1 High School Coaches Clinic (Valued at $100.00 Per Coach)

At each camp, Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic. This clinic is an excellent opportunity to educate you and your staff on the finer aspects of the game as well as answer all questions you may have. During the Coaches Clinic, we review the 300-page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual and move through a series of exercises to help you prepare for the upcoming season.

The coaches clinic is perfect for high school coaches who also run club programs, as it provides a complimentary opportunity to train or your club coaches. Would you like all of your coaches to be using the same, proven coaching system? We have done the work and created the systems for you, streamlining and synchronizing every aspect of the coaching system!


Click Here to see a full description of the Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic

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