Volleyball1on1 - In Your Gym Volleyball Coaches Clinic

During your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp we offer a complimentary dedicated two hour High School Volleyball Coaches Clinic, IN YOUR GYM after Camp Day 2 for you and your staff. This evening two hour coaches clinic helps you and your staff take the next step in reaching your full coaching potential.

Clinic attendees receive the 2020 Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual with attendance.

This coaches clinic is in addition to the extensive training you and your staff receive throughout your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp.

Our dedicated two hour coaches clinic is an excellent way to educate you and your staff, review our High School Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual, and answer questions you may have about our Volleyball1on1 “What Great Looks Like!” ® Superior Coaching Systems ™.

High School Varsity Head Coaches may choose to invite their Middle School Coaches to attend their coaches clinic.

*If applicable in your area, our coaches clinic is an excellent way to educate your local Middle Schools Coaches, thereby improving your feeder programs. Please note, Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals (High School or Middle School Manuals) are reserved for only you and your staff (limited number per camps) hosting a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp.

Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic Training Overview

Part 1 - Good To Great And "What Great Looks Like!" ®.

Volleyball1on1 coaching philosophies are rooted in a proven business system for success, our Volleyball1on1 Superior Coaching Systems ™ outline these success philosophies in a 6-step process for moving your program from “Good” into “Great” with our “What Great Looks Like!” ®: Coaching Standard, Playing Standard, and Winning Culture.

Part 2 - Superior Coaching Systems ®, Why A System For Coaching Will Result In Superior Results!

Volleyball coaching is one of the few industries where a “franchise-like system” for coaching / doing business is not available in the market.

Volleyball1on1 has developed the first proven ‘franchise-like system” for you as a High School Varsity Head Coach that guarantees your programs success when coaching High School volleyball players with our “Superior Coaching Systems!” ®.

“Volleyball1on1 has created a 350-page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual, available exclusively to High School Varsity Head Coaches, with a systematized coaching formula designed to promote their success. 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and 96% fail in the first ten. Coaches leave the profession at that same rate and it is way too high. High School Coaches now have an opportunity with the Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual to get access to some of the most comprehensive, proven, coaching resources that will help them build sustainable high school programs, and help us, as a coaching community, address these challenging statistics.” – Kathy Deboer, Executive Director Of The AVCA.

“Over the course of one year, Business Format Franchises have reported a success rate of 95 percent in contrast to the 50-plus-percent failure rate of new independently owned businesses. Where 80 percent of all businesses fail in the first five years, 75 percent of all Business Format Franchises succeed!” – The E Myth by Michael Gerber

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.” – W. Edwards Deming, Total Quality Management

“Experts in every field agree on the transformative power of systems.” – Mark Joiner, Simpleology

“Your system is your salvation.” – Andor Gyulai, Co-Founder of Volleyball1on1

Part 3 - Self Evaluation, Yearly Planner, And Contingency Solutions.

In this part of your coaches clinic you and your staff will be invited to fill-out a self-evaluation worksheet and series of questions to help you each develop a more personal approach to volleyball coaching. This information is also used to help you develop your team culture and establish goals for your program.

Coaches are next instructed on the importance of yearly planning. This includes updating the Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual calendar for the season, reviewing what skills and topics will be taught when / why, and how best to tackle your challenging high school season schedule.

Coaches are also taught how to develop a contingency plan utilizing the Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual in cases of emergency when a parent, JV, or Assistant Coaches need to take over. We understand coaches have busy lives outside of volleyball and emergencies do come up. We help plan for those emergencies using our Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual and Superior Coaching Systems ™.

Part 4 – Important Coaching Concepts / Coaching Systems

In this section of your coaches clinic we review a series of important coaching concepts that build off of many ideas taught in your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week. At this time in your coaches clinic we help you get more comfortable with the overall foundational coaching concepts we teach. We believe this section covers the most important concepts in coaching youth volleyball today which provide you and your staff a powerful coaching foundation from which to build ongoing sustainable and repeatable success.

All skill levels of coaches will find these powerful coaching concepts valuable to quickly launch themselves into better results.

A few topics include:

  • 60-30-10 Rule.
  • Volleyball1on1 Team Building Pyramid.
  • “What Great Looks Like!”® – The Volleyball1on1 Playing Standard, Winning Culture, Coaching Standard.
  • The 6 biggest mistakes we see in coaching.
  • The 3 biggest shifts in volleyball coaching in the last 15 years and how it impacts your coaching style.
  • How to create better learners.
  • C.A.R.E. ™ – In practice coaching tips, verbal cues, and more.
  • Motor learning related to volleyball coaching.
  • Using science to develop sound coaching principals.
  • Its Bigger Than Volleyball ™ – What are the most valuable life lessons to teach through the sport of volleyball to build players character to become successful adults.
  • Whole Person Growth ™  and how to peak your players for playoffs.
  • Motivating the modern athlete.
  • And more…

Part 5 – Video As a Technology Accelerator.

We believe video technology helps accelerate coaching momentum and improves systems. During this part of your high school volleyball coaches clinic we review from the Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual how video can most successfully be utilized to help your high school volleyball program. Much of this is connected to the Volleyball1on1 Playing Standard. Volleyball1on1 proven scientific formula for winning.

Part 6 – Volleyball Skills.

During this section of your high school coaches clinic we review proprietary Volleyball1on1 verbal cues and systems for teaching each volleyball skill as well as offense, defense, and transition. All skills are taught from our “Read the Game, Sow the Ball, & Eliminate Pressure” ™ unique approach only available at our Volleyball1on1 Summers Camps.

We believe having a common volleyball language and coaching system is a crucial part of a high school’s successful team culture with a sustainable repeatable system. This also leads to greater “transfer” and learning by players.

The beginner level verbal cues are in the Volleyball1on1 Middle School Manual. These verbal cues are then expanded upon with more advanced verbal cues in the high school manual. The result is middle school players transition to high school volleyball far more successfully and all coaches across both middle school and high school teach the same way using the same language and systems.

Part 7 – Read The Game, Slow The Game, And Eliminate Pressure ™.

In the last 10 years the biggest change in coaching the sport of volleyball has been the concept of “Reading the Game.” Yet most coaches teach it wrong in our opinion and in so doing miss so much more where they can help their players! We have spent the last six years researching and testing the ideas presented in this clinic / camp / manual for indoor and beach across all skill levels and ages. These ideas work, and can be applied for coaching players of all ages to improve their ability to “read the game,” “slow down the ball,” “slow down the game,” “deal with pressure,” and more.

Part 8 – The Volleyball1on1 Laminated Practice Plan Outline Poster And More.

At Volleyball1on1 we believe the ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills in volleyball coaching. The Volleyball1on1 Practice Plan Outline Poster © ( 24” by 36” inch) helps make running practices EASY, EFFICIENT, and EFFECTIVE. Our laminated dry-erase poster is easy to write on and reduces the amount of time needed to write down a practice while making it EASIER for all skill levels of coaches to run a successful productive practice every time utilizing our 31 Volleyball1on1 Practice Plans. All Volleyball1on1 complete practice plans provide a structure to run an effective practice every time, which include:
1. Maximize repetition while placing your players in competitive, game-like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback.
2. Solve team problems, player problems, and life problems daily.
3. Build your team.
4. Teach players important life lessons to build character and become successful adults.
5. Create space for your players to have fun, enjoy time with their friends, and create a lifelong love for volleyball.

Part 9 – Team Building Exercises And Training.

This portion of your evening Coaches Clinic is focused on our Volleyball1on1 proven system for team building. We at Volleyball1on1 believe that your team’s culture is the bedrock of your programs success and guarantees you are helping your players build good character to become successful adults. Establishing this crucial step with our Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps robust comprehensive curriculum sets you, your staff, and your players up for a season filled with success.

High School Varsity Head Coaches who work with Volleyball1on1 gain a significant advantage since their players are primed and prepared to compete as soon as their Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp is complete. During our camp, our goal is to teach your players 70-80% of what they will need to know for their upcoming high school season.

You, your staff, and your players will learn to speak a common language as it relates to volleyball skills, team culture, team dynamics, and more. Our camps are fast-paced, team-oriented, and jam-packed with a ton of educational value while still offering players quality individual touches.

Part 10 – Volleyball Drills.

This section of your Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic includes a selection of some of our favorite drills. We encourage coaches to find additional drills that meet their needs and coaching styles.

We encourage coaches to divide your volleyball drills into 6 main categories:

Breakout Sessions: These are usually small group or individual sessions with players that focuses on very specific needs within a particular skill.

Setter Skill Building Warm-Up: At the youth level and high school level we feel your setter is the most important position. These drills help them get better individually and as a team.

Tutor Drills: Similar to breakout sessions these drills focus on “Tutoring” the players on specific skills with copious feedback. In practice the name alone can really help coaches and players focus on the goal, tutoring.

Mini-Games: Refers to in-practice competition drills / games where players compete against each other on a full or mini-court over the net to a set score. In our experience mini-games are one of, if not the most effective ways to teach volleyball to youth players with very high transfer and should be present in almost every practice.

Serving and Passing: Serving and passing are so important to winning the game of volleyball that we dedicate a section of our drills to it. By giving serving and passing drills its own section it forces players and coaches to think about how we build serving and passing into every practice.

6 on 6 Wash Games / Drills: 6 on 6 Wash games / drills were the brain child of Bill Neville, then USA Men’s assistant coach for the 84 Olympic team. Bill’s goal was to design a scrimmage-like game that increased the number of game like reps in a competitive scoring environment. The wash concept utilizes a goal-oriented scoring system in which the goal is a consecutive number of successful executions.

During the camp and coaches clinic we will equip coaches with some of our favorite drills in each category! Note each drill we share also has videos on Volleyball1on1.com for easy review post camp week.

Part 11 – Keep Playing Volleyball ®.

Indoor volleyball is the most popular girl’s sport in high school in the United States with over 450,000 high school participants per year. Youth club volleyball has also expanded to unprecedented levels with almost 250,000 paying participants. Sadly, many of these young players do not continue to play and enjoy volleyball after high school or even after playing high level college volleyball.

Volleyball1on1 is dedicated to changing this through our initiative, “Keep Playing Volleyball!” ™.

The “Keep Playing Volleyball!” ™ goal is to have young players continue to play and enjoy volleyball beyond high school and college. To “Keep Playing Volleyball!” ™ for life.

Evening Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic Wrap-Up: Q&A.

Our goal is to answer all the questions that you and your staff may have. We find this portion of our Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic very helpful and sets a tone for how your and your staff work together even more successfully moving forward.

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