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Alan Knipe – USA Men’s National Team Coach

Practice for World Cup 2011
This series of videos include, a quick running lines warm up, a blocking trips drill and finally a 3 team wave drill. This is the first time in the practice where the players are competing and scoring in the practice. The intensity picks up significantly and now you see the fire that comes with these incredible athletes competing.

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Waves to 25 Video I – running lines in preparation

Waves to 25 Video II – focusing on blocking

Waves to 25 Video III – explanation of warmups for the drills and coaching cues

Waves to 25 Video IV – different views as the drill progresses

Waves to 25 Video V – more angles as intensity picks up

Waves to 25 Video VI – explanation of how waves drills are used by other instructors like Tom Black

Waves to 25 Video VII – assistant coach Gary Sato keeping score

Waves to 25 Video VIII – wrapping up the drill and how points are scored


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