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Beach Practice Plan #2 – Part 2 of 5 – Drill and instruction on passing to spiking in sand volleyball.

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Offense Drill Video 1 – The first ball is served with a second ball tossed in. Passers concentrate on creating the best angle and setters work on setting straight up and down.

Offense Drill Video 2 – Different angle of the same drill with Tom calling out his cues.

Offense Drill Video 3 – Pro beach volleyball player John Mayer coaches to not pass then run to a designated spot. Keep the pass straight ahead for an easier approach.

Offense Drill Video 4 – Emphasis is made of how it is good to get used to the wind and how the game needs to be made smaller compared to indoor.

Offense Drill Video 5 – Coaches overview of the drill with Tom, John and assistant.


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