The FIVB, or the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball consists of a World Congress, the supreme authority in all volleyball play, which meets every two years to elect a president and board of directors. The President and Board of Directors of the FIVB are the supreme authority governing FIVB sanctioned volleyball events.

Women's World Championships 2010 - USA vs. Kazakhstan (KAZ)The FIVB sponsors several tournaments in beach and indoor volleyball play. The FIVB Volleyball World League is a yearly event-taking place over seven weekends in more than 40 cities. With 12 national volleyball teams competing for more that 20 million in prize money, this is the premier men’s international volleyball tournament.

The FIVB Volleyball World Championships occur every four years, and a multitude of qualifying tournaments occur prior to this magnificent volleyball event. While 214 volleyball teams start in the qualification tournament, the top 24 teams of each gender compete in the volleyball final.

The FIVB sponsors the Swatch World Beach Volleyball Tour, which travels to a variety of countries, and holds an international beach volleyball championship every two years.

The FIVB votes on official rules for the volleyball tournaments, and musters strong support to lobby other volleyball tournaments to adopt their interpretation of rules.

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