The AVP – Association of Volleyball Professionals was the premier beach volleyball tour in the United States between 1983 and 2010. Its greatest heights were achieved in the early to mid 90’s with record numbers of tournaments, record purses in prize money and national television exposure.
The AVP ran into self inflicted financial and legal issues and collapsed in 1997. This just one year after AVP teams won the men’s Olympic gold and silver medals in the first ever Olympic beach volleyball event.
The AVP struggled and rebuilt itself over the next 10 years and again became almost as popular as it had in the early 90’s. However history would repeat itself. Again the AVP collapsed once again due to self inflicted financial and legal problems in 2010. This just 2 years after AVP teams took Olympic gold in both the men’s and women’s beach volleyball events.
In 2011 it was purchased and is attempting to establish itself as the top domestic tour in the US.

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