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Video 1 – Introduction Video to the Series

Video 2 – Plyometric Workout 1 For Volleyball

Video 3 – Plyometric Workout 1 For Volleyball

Video 4 – Plyometric Workout 1 For Volleyball

More about Reid Hall –

Reid Hall is the Owner of “Reid’s Workouts” an online personal training service that specializes in creating customized workout programs specifically for volleyball players. All workout programs include access to your own personal portfolio containing individual video tutorials of all your exercises. You can access your video portfolio on your phone, computer, and tablet. With Reid’s Workouts you receive unlimited support by email, phone, Skype, and/or Google Hangouts. The online platform allows Reid to train volleyball players from anywhere in the world. Reid is an elite strength and conditioning coach who trains and consults top volleyball athletes and programs to help get better results on the court or in the sand. His clients include Olympians, Division I, II, III NCAA programs and players, top Canadian volleyball universities, and scholarship seeking high school and club players.
Set up your FREE consultation by sending Reid an email. Consultations can be held over the phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime or by email. Email:
Reid’s Workout incorporate
– Strength and Conditioning
– Injury Prevention
– Mobility Work
– Movement Work and Speed
– Nutrition Support
– Unlimited Support by email, phone, Skype, and/or Google Hangouts
To set up your FREE consultation send Reid Hall an email and specify a few time-slots that would work for you. Consultations can be held over the phone (depending on location), Skype, or Google Hangouts. All programs include free Volleyball1on1 Membership while participating in the program as well as a free Volleyball1on1 ball for 3, 6 and 12 month participants.
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