Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps:
Pricing, Bonuses, & Information

Our 3 Day Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Player Minimums Are Based On A 24-Player or 32-Player Minimum. To Meet Minimums (If Needed), you may open your camp to your 1. Middle School Players or 2. Outside Players.

Excitingly, we include over $8,000.00 in Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Bonuses which include:
Your players each receive:
1) A Vollyeball1on1 branded players baseball hat. (New 2020 Design)
2) A Volleyball1on1.com 6-month video coaching subscription
3) Volleyball1on1 “player empowerment cards”. (New 2020 Cards)

You and your coaching staff have the opportunity to receive:
1) A 350-page color Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual which also include 31 “Complete Practice Plans”.
2) 3 sets of our “What Great Looks Like!” ®: Playing Standard, Coaching Standard, and Winning Team Culture.
3) 3 Vision Training posters.
4) 2 sets of Volleyball1on1 Practice Plan Outline Laminated Posters
5) 2 sets of Volleyball1on1 Game Plan Offense Laminated Posters.
6) 2 hour Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic – at the end of Camp Day 2 of your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp.

Register on / before December 1, 2019 for a 2020 camp and receive our Early Bird Discount pricing below:

$245.00 – $225.00 Early Bird Pricing Per Player Based On A 24-Player Minimum
$225.00 – $205.00 Early Bird Pricing Per Player Based On A 32-Player Minimum

Early Bird Extra Camp Bonus:

Register for a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp by December 1, 2019 with your preferred 2020 camp date and a $1000.00 camp deposit to also receive:

1.)  A Volleyball1on1 Middle School Head Coaches Manual, which is a 150 page comprehensive guide tailored for Middle School Coaches with our proven Superior Coaching Systems ™ to help launch their coaching, younger youth players, and program to new heights.

2) 15 Complete Middle School Practice Plans. At Volleyball1on1 we believe the ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills in coaching, especially younger youth volleyball coaching. An effective practice maximizes repetition while placing the players in competitive, game-like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback.

3) 1 Volleyball1on1 Middle School Laminated Practice Plan Outline poster (24″ by 36″ inches) which you place on your practice board or a wall in your gym to systematically run an EASY, EFFECTIVE, and EFFICIENT practice for this younger age level. The poster is laminated and works in conjunction with Volleyball1on1’s 15 Middle School Practice Plans in the Volleyball1on1 Middle School Coaching Manual. This poster makes planning and running a practice easier. Beyond volleyball this poster will also help you teach players important life lessons through sports while improving team dynamics.

4) 1 Volleyball1on1 Middle School Laminated Game Plan Offense Poster (24″ by 36″) which you place on your practice board or a wall for your offense, specifically how you work on rotations. We understand at Volleyball1on1 teaching Middle School players how to rotate successfully can be difficult which this poster helps overcome easily. This poster offers a number of ways to measure and improve your Middle School offense by rotation.

In summary, the Volleyball1on1 Middle School Head Coaches Manual, 15 Middle School Practice Plans, Volleyball1on1 Middle School Laminated Practice Plan Outline & Game Plan Offense posters have never been offered in the sport of volleyball until now. This Middle School package brings many important concepts and strategies used by top teams in an easy to use format uniquely designed for volleyball Middle School Head Coaches, their staff, and younger players.

Only Additional Fees Beyond Player Minimums listed above:

1) $125.00 flat fee for your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp package “PSH” (packing, shipping, and handling).

2) $145.00 flat fee for “Overall Coaches Transport”, such as: airfare, car rental, and gas.


You are responsible for providing lodging and food for your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Coaches. Typically, lodging is provided by a host family of a player on your team. Alternatively, in rare situations if it is more convenient for you as the High School Varsity Head Coach, coaches may be lodged in local hotel accommodations you arrange on their behalf.

Please note, it is highly recommended your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Coaches do not house with you or your coaches. Our 3 day camp curriculum is intensive and all coaches need a break at the end of each full camp day.

Camp Payment:

Player minimum camp fees are due on / before 21 days before your camp start date so we may successfully deliver your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp package to you prior to your camp start date with all your camp bonuses.

Camp Deposit:

A $1000.00 camp deposit is due to secure your preferred camp date. Your deposit is deducted from your final camp balance of player minimums and camp fees listed above due on / before 21 days before your camp start date.

Camp Dates / Availability:

We at Volleyball1on1 welcome working with you in a 2020 Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp. We are a boutique camp vendor which means we are only able to accommodate a limited number of camp bookings each season. Go here now to learn more and secure your preferred camp date now before our limited 2020 camp space fills-up.

Registration is OPEN!

Learn more. Book your preferred 2020 summer camp date. Space is limited.