Let Us Help You Have Your Best High School Volleyball Season Ever By Running a Volleyball1on1 "Travel 2 U" High School Summer Camp!

Are you in a small small high school in a remote area looking to compete against the big schools in the big cities? Let us travel to your location and train you, your staff and your players with our:

“Superior Coaching Systems” ™ For Playing and Coaching Volleyball.

Here’s how we can help you. Volleyball1on1 Is The Only High School Summer Camp Program Which Offers A Scientific Proven Winning Formula Top-To-Bottom For Your High Schools Success On and Off The Volleyball Court! Called “What Great Looks Like!” (™) this Scientific Proven Winning Formula acts as your compass as it relates to how your team looks and plays on the court, the team culture and the staff coaching standard on what and how we collectively teach your players.

“What Great Looks Like!” is based upon the 60-30-10 Rule (by Richard J Hackman’s) and what this means is during camp week we establish and launch how your program looks, plays, behaves and coaches. All you need to do is continue to steer the ship towards your dream season results!

“What Great Looks Like!” ™ – The Volleyball1on1 Playing Standard (Click Here!)

“What Great Looks Like!” ™ – The Volleyball1on1 Winning Culture (Click Here!)

“What Great Looks Like!” ™ – The Volleyball1on1 Coaching Standard (Click Here!) 

Volleyball1on1 What Great Looks Like (TM)
Volleyball1on1 Winning Culture (TM)
Volleyball1on1 Coaching Standard

What Do Our Volleyball1on1 Camp Clients Say?

““Having run camps with others in the past, including GMS, I can honestly say that the Volleyball1on1 Travel 2 U Summer Camp was without a doubt the most effective, thanks to its robust and comprehensive curriculum!

“Andor Gyulai and his team took the time to genuinely educate me on how to be a vastly improved volleyball coach, and it has since paid dividends. Andor’s Volleyball1on1 systems, philosophies, and coaching manuals had a tremendous impact on my team’s performance this season.

“Despite moving up from the 2A classification, we won our 3A conference for the first time in school history, beating a team that had won fourteen years straight. More importantly, I have helped my players develop not just into better players but better people, and for that I can thank Volleyball1on1 and its mantra of: ‘It’s bigger than volleyball!’  I highly recommend the Volleyball1on1 Travel 2 U Summer Camp.”
– Charles R., head coach, Corinth Holders High School (North Carolina)


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If you are interested in more information, we welcome scheduling a call to speak with you directly to learn more about your needs, provide you with more detailed information regarding the camp and answer any questions you may have to ensure this camp is a great fit for your needs at this time.

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Why Are Volleyball1on1 Camps The Best?

We Train You, Your Players and Your Coaching Staff

Not only will we coach your high school players, but we will also focus our efforts on educating you, the coaches and coaching staff, on how to maximize your coaching potential. What differentiates our high school summer camp schedule from the rest is that we build our curriculum around the coach as well, including tools such as the 300-plus page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual, 30 full practice plans, 1-on-1 training, the Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic and more…
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We Implement the Richard J. Hackman 60-30-10 Rule On Team Effectiveness

Richard Hackman, a former Harvard psychology professor and the author of 10 books on group dynamics, devised what is known as the 60-30-10 rule, which focuses on how leaders can most effectively manage their teams. The crux of the rule is that 60% of the variation in team effectiveness is attributable to the design of the team or culture, 30% to the way the team is launched, and 10% to coaching or management once the team is underway. In implementing Hackman’s rule, we help foster your team culture and launch your season during the camp week, and we will continue to support you over the course of the season.
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Volleyball1on1 Camps are Both Team-Building and Skill Development Camps in One!

We at Volleyball1on1 believe that championship-caliber teams are not built by accident. It takes proven systems, education and working through specific team-building exercises to foster a great team dynamic. Beyond being a “Team Camp”, Volleyball1on1 Camps pay particular attention to “Skill Development” by maximizing repetition in competitive, game-like situations where coaches offer structured advice and feedback.

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Focus on Individual and Team Passing - 400+ Passing Reps

Dr. Gilbert Fellingham, a professor of statistics at BYU and a leader in volleyball analytics, conducted a study and determined that passing is the first (3-point pass), third (4-point pass) and fourth (2-point pass) most important skill in women’s volleyball. As such, Volleyball1on1 Camps place an extraordinary emphasis on improving individual and team passing, ensuring that each player will receive at least 400 passing reps per camp week.
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Leverage Volleyball1on1 2500 Video Volleyball Coaching Library

Andor Gyulai, owner of Volleyball1on1, has filmed more than 2,500 videos alongside the top players and coaches in the world in both indoor and beach volleyball.

During camp week, the knowledge gleaned from working with the game’s best players is condensed and shared in the most effective method possible to both the coach and players. This includes, but is far from limited to: tips, techniques, tools, exercises, drills, practice plans, and coaching philosophies and secrets used by the best coaches and players in the world.

Additionally, every player and coach will receive a 6-month membership to Volleyball1on1 (valued at $149.95) to support them throughout the high school season.
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The Most Intense Curriculum

During camp week, our goal is to teach players 70-80% of what they will need to know for their high school season. All schools who work with Volleyball1on1 gain a significant advantage in that their players are primed and prepared to compete as soon as the camp week is finished, if not before! Our camps are fast-paced, team-oriented and educational while still offering players quality individual touches.
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Pioneers in Reading the Game

“Reading the Game” has become the biggest change in volleyball coaching over the past five years, and yet it is that very concept that the majority of high school and club coaches struggle to teach and are subsequently the most interested in learning. We believe there is a more effective system, and we have since adopted the ideas from the most successful fighter pilot in United States Air Force history!
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We Teach How To Slow the Ball and Thus the Game Down

We hear it often: The Zone. Athletes speak of this enigmatic state of mind with a particular reverence, when the game seems to slow down, almost as if it were moving in slow motion. To enter the zone is seen as the ultimate athletic achievement, a state of mind only available to the greatest athletes in sports.
Not anymore.
With a little training and practice, you and your players will be armed with the knowledge and tools to make the ball seem as if it were traveling in slow motion. If you are skeptical, feel free to schedule a call with Andor Gyulai to review your preferred camp date, and he will share the secrets used by the best athletes in history that are also applicable to volleyball.
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We Teach: Focus and Vision Training

At Volleyball1on1, we believe a critical aspect of our jobs as coaches is to teach players how to focus, and we have made vision and focus two pillars of our program. It is far too often that we hear from coaches how their season met its demise by “choking” under the pressure of playoffs.

With Volleyball1on1, this will no longer be the case for your team, as we teach players and coaches proven techniques, exercises and drills to improve focus and effectively manage stress.
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Complimentary Coaches Clinic

At each camp, Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic. This clinic is an excellent opportunity to educate you and your staff on the finer aspects of the game as well as answer all questions you may have. During the Coaches Clinic, we review the 300-page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual and move through a series of exercises to help you prepare for the upcoming season.
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Complimentary 300+ Page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual Including 30 Full Practice Plans

Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual to all high school volleyball coaching staffs. Would you like all of your coaches to be using the same, proven coaching system? We have done the work and created the systems for you, streamlining and synchronizing every aspect of the coaching system!
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Complimentary Youth Clinic / Fund Raiser

Volleyball1on1 also offers a complimentary fundraising middle school clinic during camp week. This hour and a half clinic is open to all middle school players and can be used as a bridge to build better relationships with local middle school coaches, players and parents. We offer prizes and create a fun environment where players will build a lifetime love for the sport of volleyball. This event can also be used as a fundraiser, in which all proceeds – ranging from $500-$1,000 – can be kept by the host coach and school.
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Registration is OPEN!

If you are interested in more information, we welcome scheduling a call to speak with you directly to learn more about your needs, provide you with more detailed information regarding the camp and answer any questions you may have to ensure this camp is a great fit for your needs at this time.

Book Your Preferred Summer Camp Date Now! (Space is Limited)