Volleyball1on1 “Travel 2 U” Coaches Clinics are held Tuesday – Thursday from 6-9 pm the week of your High School “Travel 2 U” Summer Camp. These clinic are complementary and open to you, your staff, your local middle school feeder programs and your community.
Volleyball1on1-Coaching-ManualsVolleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic is a comprehensive clinic which uses 150+ Page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual and System as its foundation.
The Clinic Curriculum is as Follow:
Verbal Cues and “Key” for teaching each volleyball skill
Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual features over 35 pages of verbal cues / keys for teaching each volleyball skill. The result is all coaching staff and athletes are taught the same systems, concepts and culture. So often players go off and are taught things that conflict with what you as a coach would like to teach. Now entire program is on the same pages which leads to greater learning as players move up the ranks from Freshman to JV to Varsity.
Yearly Planning – “Failing to plan is planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin
Few high school coaches effectively plan their upcoming season plus more importantly evaluate and learn from their previous seasons. Volleyball1on1 coaching clinic remedies this through a series of exercises we do during the coaches clinic to help clarify your season goals, your personal mission statement, your core values, plus create a season planning guideline and timetable. The result is increased clarity and ability to make effective decisions.
Volleybal1on1-Travel-2-U-High-School-Caoches-ClinicsImportant Coaching Concepts
In this portion of the clinic we review fundamental volleyball coaching principals that form the foundation for our volleyball coaching systems. These are the ideas we have seen in working with the best players and coaches in the world while filming over 2500 videos for Volleyball1on1.com.
Important Ideas Include:
– J. Richard Hackman – 60 – 30 – 10 Rule
– The Biggest Mistakes We See in Volleyball Coaching
– Developing a Team Culture Starts with Language
– Learning, the Power of Questions, and the Biggest Shift in Volleyball Coaching. (Includes: How to Become a Better Learner, Guided Discovery, In Practice Coaching Tips, Cues and More)
– Important Volleyball Coaching and Motor Learning Terms
– Team Culture and Language – Team Communication
– Team Building – The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
– Using Science to Develop Sound Coaching Principals
– Serving: What You Need to Know to Gain an Edge by Tom Black
(Originally published in Coaching Volleyball Magazine)
– Mini-Games: Skill Building through Practiced Competition
– How to Create Energy in Practice
– It’s Bigger than Volleyball
– 3 Biggest Shifts in Volleyball Coaching in the last 15 Years.
Practice Planning and Design
The ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills to coaching. Volleyball1on1 has filmed and worked with the best high school, clubs, colleges and national teams in the world. Using this knowledge we have come to understand most teams no matter what the level follow a similar formula for success.
Our practice system maximizes repetition while placing the players in competitive often game like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback. Additionally our practice system builds and improves team chemistry, teaches players important life lessons while creating a space where players can have fun and enjoy time with their friends.
The foundation of our practice system is a culture of player ownership and empowerment. Our Gym is an exploratorium (Mistakes are encouraged and a part of learning), our players think and question, our players learn to lead and communicate, our players learn to compete.
The most important question we ask in determining success is how many players “Love Volleyball” and “Keep Playing” beyond high school and college.
Q and A / Clinic Content Can be Changed to Needs
All clinic can be tailored based upon the needs of the attendees. We also spend time answering all questions you may have on coaching.
Please contact Andor Gyulai for info and questions:
Tel: 310-435-5840 or Email: Andor@Volleyball1on1.com
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