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What do I need in my gym to have the MOST SUCCESS during my 3-day Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp and the MOST SUCCESS post camp to launch my program to new heights with Volleyball1on1’s “Franchise-like” Superior Coaching Systems ®?

You need ‘ONE ITEM” – it is a key component. A LARGE double sided white board to be shared between courts measuring 60 x 46 (48 x 36 minimum) which you will utilize ongoing at every practice post camp for your volleyball programs success with our “What Great Looks Like!” ®Superior Coaching Systems ® Posters.

Our data at Volleyball1on1 continues to excitingly demonstrate that the high school programs who have the MOST SUCCESS overall and with our coaching systems:

1. Understand the importance of a large whiteboard being at every volleyball practice. These programs don’t compromise on this front.

2. Understand the benefit and importance of the Volleyball1on1 “Practice Plan” & “Game Plan Offense” posters along with the “Playing Standard” and “Winning Team Culture” posters being taped to their white board at every practice. These programs seek to get the maximum value from their access to our proven Volleyball1on1 “Franchise-like” Superior Coaching Systems ®. These programs consistently each practice have these specialized posters on their white board to help achieve this goal.

This generation of youth volleyball players need visual re-enforcement of these coaching concepts, tools, and systems. As the High School Varsity Head Coach, you immediately elevate your leadership by doing what the most successful volleyball coaches in the world do at each and every practice, have a whiteboard to clearly outline the coaching systems you are teaching to verify and re-enforce with your coaching staff and players ongoing that you are all successfully working together as a team. We call this at Volleyball1on1 your “Collective Purpose”.

Features in a whiteboard we highly recommend:
1. It is very large 60 x 46 or larger. (48 x 36 minimum)
2. It is double sided which allows for use for two courts, or more intensely by one court.
3. It has wheels to move in / out of the gym for your practices to office / storage. Plus, the wheels lock and hold it in place.
4. It has a tray for your dry erase markers and eraser.

Here is a link to a very large double-sided white board we recommend:

Section 2

Camp Deposit:
A camp deposit is due to secure your preferred camp date. Your deposit is deducted from your final camp balance.

Final Camp Payment & Camp Package Shipping Timeline Details:
You will receive your final camp invoice balance when you confirm your camp date for your advance planning and review. It will include your player minimum fee, $145.00 general transport fee for coach’s travel, and $125.00 for your camp package preparations with extra camp bonuses less your camp deposit.

Final camp invoices are due on / before 30 days before your camp start date. For your advance planning, we recommend you plan for at least one month before your camp start date to pay your final camp invoice so we may successfully deliver via mail your carefully prepped & package Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp package to you prior to your camp start date with all your camp manuals, posters, names tags, court tape, exciting camp bonuses, and more for us to run an awesome Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp together.

*To clarify, we only ship your camp package out to you a few weeks in advance of your camp start date and it is important you plan to pay your final camp invoice balance one month before your camp start date to ensure your camp package arrives in advance of your camp start date. We will send you a final camp invoice in April for your advance planning and review.

Pay Your Final Camp Invoice Balance With Our Easy “Check By Phone” System?
For our “Check By Phone” system, please email scan to or text Vanessa @ (310-902-9532) a picture of the front of your summer camp check with all four corners in it made payable to: Vanessa Summers-Gyulai, Volleyball1on1 – Co-Founder will confirm upon receipt.

Where Does My Camp Package Get Shipped?
We prefer to ship your camp package to your home if possible. We can more successfully ensure your package arrives to you directly in a timely manner for the start of your Camp Day 1. Not sure we have your home address on file? Please email it do

What Is In My Camp Package?
Your Camp Package will include:
1) 2023 Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manuals (Approximately 350-pages Per Manual) For Camp Days & Your 2 Hour Evening Coaches Clinic. (Camp Day 2 – 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm)
2) Four “What Great Looks Like!” ™ & “Vision Training” Poster Sets
3) Two Game Plan Offense Posters Laminated.
4) Two Practice Plan Posters Laminated.

*We too include in your camp package we ship to you exciting extra Camp Bonuses:

1. Name tags for all staff & players
2. Court tape (to help you organize your court for more effective camp drills, hitting, running practices, and more).
3. “Bump Up” (R) Volleyball1on1 custom branded volleyball.

Extra Players:
If you have extra players beyond your player minimum, we can plan to verify and take care of these extra players with you on Camp Day 1 together by forwarding you an invoice for your planning for your extra players. This way you don’t have to stress extra players and things moving around on this front leading up to your Camp Day 1.

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Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Coaches:
Your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp will be run on two courts and we send two coaches, a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach to run your camp with assistance from a junior Assistant Coach. In some cases, much larger camps (36 – 38 or more players) will be run on three courts with one Head Coach and two Assistant Coaches.

*Please note, for our newly launched Volleyball1on1 Fundraiser Camp, the only difference from our regular satellite Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp is that we will send one highly trained Volleyball1on1 Head Coach to run court #1 and engage with you and your staff throughout all three camps days to run court #2 with you vs. sending a Volleyball1on1 Head Coach and a Volleyball1on1 Assistant Coach.

Our research has shown that this camp model can be also very valuable depending on your program goals to you, your staff, and players since you and your staff get to experience and apply in real-time at a Volleyball1on1 Fundraiser Camp on camp days our “What Great Looks Like!” (R) Superior Coaching Systems throughout the camp “on the court” with your players with the direction / help of our Volleyball1on1 Head Coach vs. watching / learning our coaching systems from the sidelines.

Our Volleyball1on1 Head Coaches are highly trained and focus with their Assistant Coaches help during camp on delivering our “Franchise-like” coaching systems with our Volleyball1on1 “What Great Looks Like!” ® – Superior Coaching Systems ®. You will be provided at the end of each day a camp checklist of what was covered and taught as the High School Varsity Head Coach to review and authorize to confirm you understand all that was taught and can ask questions if needed for further review / clarification with the goal being that you go into the next camp day confident in the tools and systems you are learning to implement for you, your staff, and players once we leave camp site.

This too ensures a “quality control” system for you to have a great camp learning our systems and making upgrades each time you run a camp with us. Typically, our trained Head Coaches are college high level Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

Camp Hours:
Camp Day 1 is 8 am to 6 pm.
Camp Day 2 is 8 am to 5.30 pm.
(Coaches Clinic 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm.)
Camp Day 3 is 8 am to 4 pm.

*Do you have a “customizable” 2023 Volleyball1on1 Player Registration Form to help you with your player registrations for camp? If not, email and request to receive one. We will email one over to you asap!

Lodging & Food for Coaches:
You are responsible for providing lodging and food for your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp coaches. Typically, lodging and food is provided by one or two host families of a player or players in your program. Alternatively, there are times it is more convenient for you as the High School Varsity Head Coach, whereby coaches may be lodged in a local motel / hotel accommodations with food you arrange on their behalf. This is 100% dependent on what works best for you and your parents. For lunch during camp, we find parents are more than willing to provide a meal or two. We suggest you consider having a different parent provide a meal each day. Whatever works best for you.

*Please note, it is very important your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp coaches do not lodge with you or your staff of coaches. Our 3-day camp curriculum is intensive and it is imperative ALL coaches get a complete restful break at the end of each very full camp day. Our goal is to provide you guidance and instruction to have the best camp possible. We find this detail is very important to plan for and put into place to set you as the High School Varsity Coach up for the most successful camp!

Section 4

3 Tips To Help You Prep & Launch Camp Day 1 Successfully!

Tip #1 One-page “Camp Player Waiver Form & Medical Information” Ready To Go Camp Day 1!
In advance of your camp in April, you will receive a one-page PDF which is our 2023 Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Player Waiver & Medical Information form.

This form is needed by Volleyball1on1 from you, the High School Varsity Head Coach at the start of Camp Day 1 from each player. To make it easy for you, you may take a pic of each player waiver form and text the pics to Vanessa Summers-Gyulai @ Volleyball1on1 at 310.902.9532. She will confirm upon receipt.

Alternatively, you may email scan in advance of Camp Day 1 your player waiver forms to us at: We will confirm upon receipt.

As a back-up, your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach may help you and text Volleyball1on1 pics of your player waiver forms if that is easier for you at the start of Camp Day 1.

Either way, have a game plan on this front to moving into starting Camp Day 1 to make the start of Camp Day 1 as easy as possible for you!

Tip #2 – Excel Spreadsheet – Volleyball1on1 6-Month Subscription Bonus.

Please plan to have an excel spreadsheet on Camp Day 1 with you, your staff, players, and players parents first name, last name, and email addresses so we can set-up your 6-month coaching video membership (Valued at $149.00 Per Membership). Please email your spreadsheet to on Camp Day 1 and we will get this taken care of asap.

It is important we get this information on Camp Day 1 to have our technical staff member set-up these memberships for you. Delays in getting your Excel Spreadsheet with this data will mean potentially longer delays getting this set-up for you, your staff, and players.

Tip #3 – Please Bring Your Entire Camp Package We Ship You To The Start Of Camp Day 1.

As mentioned above, your Camp Package with all your exciting Volleyball1on1 materials and bonuses for you, your staff, and players will be shipped to you upon final payment of your final camp invoice. We prefer to ship to your home to ensure successful receipt as things can get lost during limited summer hours if we ship to your school. Do we have your correct shipping address? If not, please email and we will confirm receipt.

Section 5

When Will My Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach Check-in With Me Prior To Camp Day 1?

Typically 5  to 7 days before your camp start date your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach will contact you directly on your cell phone as the High School Varsity Head Coach. Your camp Head Coach will introduce themselves and seek to confirm a few logistics with you for the final steps in planning a great Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp together.

Here is what will be covered in your brief introductory call for your advance planning:

⃝ 1. Introduce themselves as your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach with their first name and last name.

⃝ 2. Confirm your gym address & Confirm Day 1 gym arrival time to prepare the gym for Camp Day 1 (7.15 am – 7.30 am).
⃝ 3. Confirm you as the High School Varsity Head Coach received your Volleyball1on1 camp package and will bring it to the start of Camp Day 1.
⃝ 4. Confirm you have a double-sided white board in gym or two White Boards, Player Waivers Day 1, & Excel Spreadsheet.
⃝ 5. Receive host family information / logistics from you for themselves and their Assistant Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Coach even if they have different lodging locations.
⃝ 6. Review food: host family typically provides breakfast & dinner, packs lunch for gym or you as the High School Varsity Head Coach provide lunch for both Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp coaches each camp day?
⃝ 7. Confirm ETA of arrival at host family before Day 1 of camp for themselves and their Assistant Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Assistant Coach.
⃝ 8. They will explain to you that they will contact your host family / families 2 days before arrival on ETA of arrival day before camp start day 1, so the host family / families know when to expect the coach / coaches for their own planning.
⃝ 9. They will explain to you that they will confirm with you when they and their Assistant Volleyball1on1 Assistant Coach arrive at host family location / locations prior to Camp Day 1.

We look forward to having a great upcoming summer camp together with you, your staff, and players!!