Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Testimonials


“Our Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp has helped me, my staff, and my team significantly more than any other camp I have hosted, including. All American, Top Court, and Gold Medal Squared. I have been very pleased with our annual Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps and I would highly highly recommend Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps to any High School Varsity Head Coach, their staff, and players.The comprehensive and ongoing upgraded training we receive from Volleyball1on1 is by far the very best! ”

Chris, High School Varsity Head Coach, Colorado



“This was by far the best team camp too! The staff genuinely loves the game and teaching the game to the players. It’s not just about running drills for them. You could see that they wanted to leave each girl with so much more. The Volleyball1on1 staff took time to really get to know my players and their personalities. The team-building exercises made an impact on the girls throughout the season. And the best part is, they come to your gym! It makes it so much easier to get more kids involved. I feel that I have grown as a coach by learning from them during camp. I will definitely be setting up another camp.”

Shelly, High School Varsity Head Coach, Texas

maggie“Working with Volleyball1on1 was not only an easy process, but a very beneficial one as well. The skills, team-building exercises, and coaching techniques were far more beneficial than any program I’ve worked with in my 14 years of coaching. During the camp my athletes were engaged, asked questions, and left each day exhausted but excited to return the following day. I highly recommend Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps for any coach looking to improve his / her program and gain valuable knowledge.”

Maggi, High School Varsity Head Coach, Ohio




“Although I’ve been coaching a long time, I still look for new ways and new ideas to help my players and teams. The Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp was just what I was looking for. My players felt this camp was the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Tony, High School Varsity Head Coach, Pennsylvania


louanna“Our Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach delivered a high quality camp to us. Of the camps I have been involved with over the years, this one was by far the best.

Louanne, High School Varsity Head Coach, Oregon


“As a seasoned volleyball coach, I really enjoyed Volleyball1on1’s new insights on “skill development”, “player learning”, and “reading the game”. The Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual was an incredibly valuable resource from “verbal cues” to “practice planning”, and much more. Their 350-page coaching manual was very helpful with our new Freshmen and JV coaches which helped me develop consistent teaching methods across all teams. We have built more than a team working with Volleyball1on1, we have built a culture for long-term success. I am excited for our next camp together and working with Volleyball1on1 well into the future.”

Pat, High School Varsity Head Coach, Alaska


“Having played college volleyball a long time ago, a lot has changed in how to approach the game as a coach. The Volleyball1on1 High School Summer Camp educated me and my players on the most recent and proven techniques on coaching, which offered new insights on competition, practice planning, player development, and group learning. The camp itself was a blast. It helped us bond as a team and raise our energy going into season.”

Susan, High School Varsity Head Coach, Michigan


“I was looking for an edge in one of the most competitive markets in the country, the Bay Area, California. Volleyball1on1 not only delivered but went above and beyond to provide an exceptional Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp. My staff loved the Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual and it has significantly increased the value of what we deliver to our players.”

Monica, Club Director, California

Jay G

“Thanks to Volleyball1on1 and your incredible support at our Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp. It truly helped in winning my first high school volleyball championship!”

Jay, High School Varsity Head Coach, Oklahoma


“We have been through Volleyball1on1’s summer camp three years in a row and have seen a tremendous amount of growth in our girls. The growth doesn’t just cover the court, it includes off the court communication, and successfully getting along as a team. We won our first 3A conference championship last year, beating a team that had a 14-year run of conference championships. We had another successful season this year and competed with an undefeated team in the second round of the state playoffs. We are confident that next year will be our most successful season because the seniors will have had three camps with Volleyball1on1. I have been through a number of different team camps and this is by far the best value and curriculum out there!”

Charles, High School Varsity Head Coach, North Carolina

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