Satellite Camps | Volleyball1on1 Summer Volleyball Coaches Camp™, Players Camp, And Coaches Clinic Schedule

Our Volleyball1on1 Satellite Camp schedule accommodates three core focuses: 1. educating you and your coaching staff, 2. educating your players, and 3. launch your winning team culture. Our goal in working with a Varsity Head High School Volleyball Coach and their program far exceeds just helping their players develop in a game-like high rep, coaching intensive fun environment.

Importantly, at our Volleyball1on1 High School Summer Camps we also help you the “Head Coach” take charge of your own leadership with the best possible modern science coaching tools in the sport of volleyball today. We help you establish and launch our proprietary “What Great Looks Like!” ®: Playing Standard, Coaching Standard, and Team Culture. Throughout your Volleyball1on1 Camp week, we educate you and your coaching staff on how to maintain our “What Great Looks Like!”® playing standard, coaching standard, and winning culture throughout your season.

During your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week we include a 350+ page color fully comprehensive Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual (Valued @ $497.00 Each) for you and your staff to provide you support / direction for the learning you will be doing during your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week with us and ongoing once your camp week is completed with us as a powerful resource for you ongoing.

AM Session
7:45 am - 12.00 pm
10 Min. Snack Break
At 10.30 AM

12.00 - 12.45 pm
12 - 12. 15 pm -
Coaches Training

PM Session
12:45 pm - 6.00 pm
10 Min. Snack Break
At 3.00 PM

Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Bonus

Day 1

Learning Better
A New Culture
Serving Instruction
OODA Loop For Reading
Passing Instruction

60-30-10 Rule
Team Language
Verbal Cues
Coaching Feedback

Setter Training
Advanced Passing
6 on 6 Play
Practice 1
Spiking Instruction
In / Out System Hitting
Spiking – Taking Out The Trash

Leadership Council Meeting
6:00 – 6:15 pm

Day 2

Setter Training
Middle Hitter Instruction
Bump Setting Instruction
Hand Setting Instruction
Blocking Instruction
6 on 6 Team Play
Defense Instruction
Game Plan Offense – Instruction

Vision For Volleyball
Practice Planning

Setter Training
Defense Instruction
Hittable vs. Playable
6 on 6 Play
Individual Hitter Instruction
Practice 2
Earned vs. Unearned
Team – Game Plan Offense Instruction

High School Staff Coaches Clinic
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Includes 350-Page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual
(*alternate camp day possible – if needed!)

Day 3

Setter Training
Outside Hitter Instruction
Middle Hitter Instruction
Transition Instruction
Offense Instruction
Defense Instruction
“What Great Looks Like!” ®

Practice Planning Advice
Using Video
Using Whiteboard
Post Match Review
Game Plan Offense Poster
Practice Outline Poster
“What Great Looks Like!” ® – Posters

Practice 3
Slowing Ball Down
Rotation Analysis
Grow The Game
Keep Playing Vball

Camp Ends At 4:00 pm
Leadership Council Meeting
4:00 – 4:15 pm

Please note, dedicated time is also allocated to your setters. Each session will begin 15-minutes early for your setters to gain extra reps with your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp Head Coach and you their Head Coach.

Please also note, our daily schedule tends to lean heavily on instruction and technique in the AM sessions, which leads into full practices and more 6-on-6 competition-style activities in the PM sessions. The three practices are designed to teach coaches how to run a practice utilizing our superior coaching systems™ with our 30 Full Volleyball1on1 Practice Plans included in your Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual.

Detailed Volleball1on1 Summer Camp Info and Why Run A Volleyball1on1 Satellite Camp.

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